• Sep 21, 2019

Rudyard Kipling with an ulterior motive claimed that "the cat walks in itself". If the owner is not sentimental and is not inclined to attribute human qualities to animals, he will not worry about a cat when he comes it is time to distribute kittens. Nobody can tell that cats bad mothers. But the instinct orders them to tear away the grown cubs because it is necessary to take care of new.

Whether Cats Miss the Kittens

When is better to take away kittens from a cat

At the age of 10-12 weeks kittens still remain touching fluffy lumps which slightly that run to mother and on a habit take the won place under her stomach. But if there is other food (especially in the form of a special forage), children do not need mother any more.

The grown-up children begin to irritate a cat, she even more often dumps from herself active kids and for a long time leaves their some. At this time it is also necessary to distribute cat's posterity until it grew and lost ability to be pleasant.


Are capable to miss cats the cubs

The cat mother remembers their smell for a long time, some time calls. The fact that she goes on a trace makes an impression of search of children. Sensitive owners begin to reproach themselves with callousness. It seems to them that the alumna suffers and cries. It proceeds day 3-4, then traces are washed away or disappear, the cat calms down.

If to include record of "crying" of her children, then it will react, but not really violently. It will be similar to the fact that mother wants to remember something, but quickly switches. There will be no cat who for all life made not less than 200 children, to remember and miss about each cub. It is not provided by the wise nature.


Learn cats of the adult cubs

Cats have very good memory on smells. It is natural if the kitten quickly comes back home, he will be recognized on a smell, but the cat without splash in maternal feelings, and just as a closely related being will apprehend it. If from the moment of separation there passed a lot of time, the cub already grew up and got smells of other house, mother just does not recognize him.

It is noticed that in the street circle of a cat relatives keep together and in case of danger are protected amicably. But at the shortage of food each individual tries for herself. They will fight among themselves even if the day before mother licked the adult daughter. This seeming manifestation of related feelings, on the place of the daughter there could be also a granddaughter.

If for the sake of an experiment to return an adult cat to the "maternal" house, then except a stress he will test nothing as he began to smell families, once uniting it with this place, disappeared long ago. The cat can expel at all an individual to whom once gave birth if she regards appearance of a foreign cat or cat as threat to the new posterity.

Повинуясь to an instinct, the cat mother within 12 weeks feeds children, learns to get food. Looking at it, kittens begin to wash and lick a hair. Some makers even show to offsprings the place for departure of natural needs. All this time the cat without hesitation at the slightest threat will start saving children, even risking life. Huge dogs are frightened maternal dedication of cats and run away.

But the same instinct orders to mother to leave the grown-up generation. And the cat quickly forgets about the grown-up children. Therefore the owners who well attached kittens should not worry about the alumna and to consider themselves cruel.

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