• Feb 15, 2020

In half a year after acquaintance to Sergey we decided to gather and live together because lives separately, the friend without friend, did not represent any more. That feeling when there is a wish that your half not only "flashed" all day before eyes — we wanted to fill up and wake up together. Having found the nice apartment with darling, with pleasure moved.

My First First Boyfriend Hrapilnik Brought Home the Second — Murchalnika

The first huge disappointment comprehended me with nightfall: darling snores. Literally in five minutes after his head touched a pillow, the rolling roar was distributed. I did not manage to fall asleep in any way what I only did not do though terribly wanted to sleep. In the morning absolutely exhausted I tried to talk to Seryozha most tactfully. It appears, he is aware of a problem, but did not think that he will give me so much inconvenience.

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Generally, we decided to see doctors and to undergo treatment. But it turned out that my boyfriend is healthy as a bull, and there is actually, nothing actually, nothing to treat — an exceptional case! Then floating around the Internet we found the special device from snore — such ringlet which is inserted into a nose. Result zero. Tried a lot of any recipes, changed pillows, consulted with different experts — nothing helped.

I began to call it "Hrapilnikom-budilnikom". Even complained to the sister. She advised to look for in it something positive. For example, that it so protects me — the snore frightens off a babayka. Or still option: "Snores — means breathes. And you are glad that you hear it. You love it". We laughed, and I went home.

Over time I reconciled and almost got used to sleep under it "loud roulades". We signed the contract with Seryozha: he does not go to bed until I fall asleep because differently I will definitely not have a rest.

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A month ago my boyfriend brought home the covered with wounds and exhausted cat — the animal was hit by the car, it practically had no chances to survive. Sergey could not pass by. Stopped the movement on all strip, left and took away the sufferer. We brought a cat to clinic, made all necessary procedures and paid further treatment. It broke all four paws, internals and a backbone are injured. And eyes — it was necessary to see these cat's eyes full got down also silent shout.

We decided to take away an animal to ourselves as soon as doctors tell that his life out of danger. So in a week we in the house had Tishka. I put to it pricks, gave drugs — nursed as I could. The cat already moves on the apartment, but so far "carries" a front pad as though all the time welcomes us, it is not visible, can come yet. Our new pet was very tender and obedient resident. Responds to any manifestation of our love with active and loud rumbling. No, incorrectly was expressed: he purrs as the tractor!

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Generally, I cannot sleep again: two favourite beings deprive of me this opportunity — on the one hand darling snores, and with another the cat rumbles! And I lie in the middle, I look in a ceiling and I consider rams …

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