• Aug 24, 2019

White color always identified something good and kind, was considered as clean and to some extent even as divine. It is not surprising that around cats of white coloring there was a set of myths about their specific character and wonderful properties. But you should not trust everything.

National Signs and the Interesting Facts about White Cats

Some breeds have exclusively white color

Let's deal with white color of hair of cats at first. It, per se, does not exist. In the nature wool can be very much and very different, but the white color means only suppression of natural color a certain gene which just nitralizut natural color.

There are no cat breeds having exclusively white color. However there are among what such color is most widespread. For example:

  • Turkish angora.
  • Форинвайт.
  • Turkish van .
  • Persian cat.

W Gene

Very often cats are born white just because of domination of a so-called gene of W. Such kittens are born purely white and with blue eyes. It is that gene which suppresses the genes which are responsible for a natural color of an animal and his influence not only on color of wool, but also an eye is observed.

Deafness of white cats – the myth

Because of the gene suppressing natural color of wool and an eye, the animal after all can be born the deaf. Similar pathology is not so widespread as it is accepted to speak about it. However at those cats whose one eye blue, will be deaf in one ear, and here if both eyes blue then deafness will be shown on both ears.

Scientists still argue on whether really congenital deafness at white cats is the truth or after all the myth, but it is possible to tell precisely that the deaf white cat – it is rather, "exception", than "rule".

of Difficulty of leaving is one more delusion

There is an opinion that it is many times more difficult to look after white cats. Actually it not so. White pets do not demand to themselves any special relation. As well as all other cats, them it is necessary to bathe, comb out and get rid of lumps of the got-off wool.

Perhaps, such delusion appeared from behind appearance of such cats: clean and snow-white, they suggest an idea that it is extremely difficult to look after them to support as it should be their magnificent wool. But your cat if necessary will independently take care of the wool, – from you it is required so much, as well as from any other owner of a cat.

of the Sign about white cats

About cats there were always many various signs, and owners of a white hair not an exception. Such cats are considered as a symbol of purity and good luck therefore also signs about them generally good and promise only luck:

  • It is considered to be that to the person who long time cannot decide on the choice the white cat will help to find a way out. It is necessary to take the favourite on hands, then your thoughts will clear up and it will be simpler to make the decision.
  • White cats, as well as three-colored, are capable to define diseases. If the white cat often lays down on any certain place on your body, then, perhaps, it is worth seeing a doctor.
  • It is considered that the white cat will help to disclose the best qualities of the hostess. The owner of such pet of good is also careful.
  • If you were stolen a march by a white cat, then it is the good sign. You are waited by success and good luck.

At white cats unique character

Many think that white cats by the nature kind, tender, silent and bring joy to the house. In fact each cat is unique and special, and among white cats there are no prepotent lines which could unite them.

All white cats blue-eyed

It absolutely not so. Color of eyes of a cat depends on a set of genes of both parents and on the cat's gene suppressing natural color of wool and an eye about which you read above. There are many white blue-eyed cats, but this phenomenon not obligatory.

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