• Feb 6, 2020
leave the Don sphinxes of very few people indifferent. And the range of the emotions caused by them is extremely rich: from delight before extreme disgust. These cats are similar to aliens. Don Sphinx of a Photo

On a photo: Don sphinx

Nature of the Don sphinx

On character the Don sphinxes differ from the Canadian relatives. The Canadian sphinxes which are a little closed but and more appeasable. The Don sphinxes can be capricious, but at the same time curious and hardy. However, both those, and others are loveful and tender.
the Don sphinxes perfectly get on with other animals. However, adult cats not always peacefully get on among themselves, but it is more likely a question of nature of a concrete sphinx, but not pedigree feature.
On character the Don sphinxes — cheerful, playful cats, are deprived of aggression at all. They bite and scratched much less than representatives of other breeds. And stoically transfer even unpleasant manipulations like a hairstyle of claws or cleaning of ears. They are inquisitive and are not choosy.
of the Don sphinxes can be recommended for family with children and also for the people suffering from an allergy. However in the latter case nevertheless several days are better to communicate to the representative of breed to understand as far as you can take out the close neighbourhood as completely hypoallergenic the Don sphinxes are not.

As the nature of the Don sphinx affects behavior

On behavior the Don sphinxes often remind dogs. They passionately love people, and sometimes their attachment develops into persistence. At the same time thinly catch all nuances of mood of the owner. Even they concern strangers with curiosity.
the Don sphinxes very badly transfer loneliness therefore if you spend outdoors much time, this breed will hardly suit you. However, it is possible to get the second cat or other pet for the company.
not really love the Don sfinsa when they are ironed, and prefer easy pat on skin.
Still they as children, adore toys, and is better if a toy new. So do not forget to indulge the favourite from time to time.

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