• Sep 7, 2019

Domestic cats concern carnivores. Generally they eat meat and fish. Their system of digestion has all necessary enzymes for digestion of protein. But it does not mean that it is necessary to give to cats only meat. Vitamins from vegetable food are also necessary for them. With what vegetables it is possible to feed cats and with what – no?

Whether It Is Necessary to Give to a Cat Vegetables and Fruit

What vegetables can give to a cat

in the list of vegetables which can be pleasant to your cat and precisely to her will not do much harm, the following vegetables and greens enter:

  • vegetable marrows. They contain magnesium, manganese and calcium;
  • pumpkin. Easily is digested in an organism of a cat. It is rich with the substances which are burning fat, building up muscle bulk and renewing mucous digestive tract;
  • cauliflower. The stomach is well acquired and does not irritate;
  • carrots. Gives to an organism useful fibers. Beta carotene which forms vitamin A is its part, does not break up at heat treatment;
  • spinach. Useful vitamins and minerals remain after heat treatment;
  • beet. Contains the food fibers supporting secretory functions of intestines;
  • cucumber. Promotes improvement of digestion of meat proteins. Crude it can be used as medicine;
  • sheet salad. Supplies an organism with enough cellulose, calcium and water, does not include fats, has beneficial influence on a liver of a cat;
  • parsley, celery, fennel. Provide with minerals, support an urinary system, prevent cholelithiasis.

All above-mentioned vegetables are neutral to taste and have no bright smell. Therefore cats like to eat them. The contained cellulose well performs the removing functions in intestines.

And what categorically are not necessary

And here the list of vegetables which will not bring any benefit to your favourite:

  • avocado. It contains toxin under the name persen. It irritates a stomach and intestines, causes vomiting, diarrhea. There can be trouble breathing, accumulate liquid around tissues of heart and the animal can even die;
  • broccoli. It is impossible to give large portions as are its part dangerous to an organism of the pet of an izotiotsionata. It can cause diseases. Though in moderate doses of broccoli it is capable to provide with vitamins of group B, C, K, antioxidants and bioflavonoids;
  • onions and garlic. Onions contain the disulfide destroying red blood cells at a cat. Vegetable is dangerous both in crude, and in dried, and in a powdery look. The pet cannot cook food with addition of onions. In garlic there is the same toxin, but it is less. If garlic is useful to the person, then it is contraindicated to a cat. Functioning of a liver at people and animals differs therefore human food is unacceptable for a cat even in small amounts;
  • rhubarb. Leaves of a plant contain oxalates causing poisoning with oxalic acid from what kidneys can refuse. And otovy stalks of a rhubarb are safe, but can work as laxative, to lead to diarrhea, to cause discomfort in intestines;
  • tomatoes. The poisonous alkaloid which is a part соланин causes strong spasms in a stomach and intestines. Cats usually do not eat this vegetable. But there were fatal cases when the pet ate one small fruit of cherry tomato. Unripe fruits and leaves of this plant also are poisonous;
  • potatoes. This representative of family Solanaceous includes the same alkaloid. Vegetable in a crude or green look is poisonous for a cat. And leaves contain oxalates doing harm to a gastrointestinal, nervous and urethral tract. The ready-made product is safe, but does not bring benefit as starch is not acquired in intestines of an animal;
  • bean (soy, peas, haricot) . are not digested an organism of cats. Can cause swelling and fermentation in intestines.

How to give vegetables to a cat

It is possible to give vegetables both crude, and boiled. How it is pleasant to a cat. But if the animal is ill, food should be cooked. Before feeding the pet, vegetables need to be washed out, cleaned carefully, and then to boil.

It is better to cook beet, cabbage, pumpkin in order that rough cellulose was softened and concentration of nitrates decreased. It is possible to mix with meat. And here greens, vegetable marrows and cucumbers can be given in the raw. Fresh carrots can be rubbed and mixed with other food and also to alternate to boiled.

Vegetable food is important in a food allowance of cats. At first it is possible to accustom to it since the childhood, and then gradually to give vegetables which are pleasant to the pet, except hazardous to health. Main, it is correct to make them.

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