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the Nevsky maskaradny cat – a proud and beautiful animal. She received the name thanks to an unusual color. The dark stain on her muzzle really reminds a carnival mask. Maskaradny cats – large and fluffy, at them are beautiful long wool and fascinating bright blue eyes.

Nevsky maskaradny cat: the description of breed and the rule of leaving
Maskaradny cats large and fluffy, at them is beautiful long wool and fascinating bright blue глаза

Эту the breed was not removed artificially. It appeared as a result of crossing of a Persian cat and a Siamese or Himalaya cat. There is a legend that the Siberian khan, traveling around Russia, met this cat on the bank of the river of Neva. Subdued by its beauty, he decided to take away the exotic beauty with himself. As a result the breed was pleasant to all and found popularity. But the cat received the official name only in 1992. It occurred after in 1988 she subdued public at an exhibition in St. Petersburg.

Some experts still do not recognize the Nevsky maskaradny cat by separate breed, including it result of genetic failure.

Nevsky maskaradny cat: the description of breed and the rule of leaving
the Nevsky maskaradny cat – creation proud and прекрасное

Внешние signs

The Nevsky maskaradny cat weighs up to 9 kg, a cat – up to 6 kg. At animals of this breed a strong constitution, a wide thorax, chubby cheeks, a long fluffy tail and small brushes on ears. Wool at them dense and dense. It has special effect: pushes away dirt and water. Very lovely a peculiar collar from wool looks, it finishes an image of a cat and gives it even more similarity to the mysterious lady who went to a ball in a carnival mask. Wool at them hypoallergenic therefore cats are suitable even for allergic persons.

The color of these cats is rich with different shades . Most often they are beige and brown colors, but can be met and absolutely light, almost white, a cat. At the same time the color is not monophonic. Pads, a tail, ears and a muzzle are more dark than a trunk. But newborn kittens always white, the unusual color is shown gradually in process of growing of an animal.

Nevsky maskaradny cat: description of breed and rule of leaving

Character of a cat

The Nevsky maskaradny cat breed is inclined to narcissism. If you invite to the house of friends, the house favourite will want to come under the spotlight at once, to prove to be. Having fluffed up a tail, she with pride will welcome guests. The St. Petersburg maskaradny cat never imposes the society. She will not begin to get under feet and to ask on knees. Having remained alone, the house favourite will not suffer because of it, and will become quiet to wait for the owner.

The breed will suit the person if he wants to get not just beautiful pet, but the loyal friend. Infinite devotion to the owner – distinctive feature of these representatives of the cat family. the Pet himself will choose to himself one friend will treat other family members a little more cool. The Nevsky cats always become attached to people, and out of place therefore easily transfer moving. They have a sweet temper, for them small dirty tricks are uncharacteristic. In response to offense the pet will not begin to revenge, and will just turn away and will sit so, expecting apologies.

it is important to note and how this cat is clever: the Nevsky maskaradny handsome catches tone of a voice, feels mood of the owner, remembers the nickname and reacts to it. If the pet feels a number of the enemy, he will readily rise in defense of the owner, will begin to hiss and will show the teeth. Therefore it is worth paying attention to how the cat reacts to your guests: the canine friend well defines people with bad intentions.

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The kitten of this breed will suit families with small children. The Nevsky cats are not scratched, do not bite and very much love caress therefore they without problems will find a common language with the child and with pleasure will play with it. If the house favourite hears that the kid began to cry, she will come running at once and will try to calm him.

the Nevsky maskaradny cat well gets on with other pets. If at you already there lives a dog, a birdie or a hamster, but there is a wish to get also a cat, then this breed will be ideal. Such murka will not begin to offend or lift up other animal.

Nevertheless cats need to be brought up. They are stubborn, but if desired the owner will be able to accustom the pet to the orders established in the house. The Nevsky cat will never forget rules which acquired. As a result he will become the reliable friend and a tender pet.

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Leaving and food

If you do not want that long hair of a cat lost smoothness and gloss, it needs to be washed and combed. It is necessary to bathe the favourite not more often than 1 time a week. At the same time it is necessary to use special shampoo which will support natural beauty of wool and will protect an animal from fleas.

Hair of these cats practically does not roll down in lumps , but it needs all the same to be combed. 1 or 2 times a week are better to do it. But you remember that the tail should not be combed out, otherwise it will lose splendor and beauty. At these cats a dense double underfur. When animals begin to fade, it becomes much thinner. At the correct leaving of the careful owner the pet will be always pleasing to the eye.

Nevsky maskaradny cat: description of breed and rule of leaving

These cats are very clean. The tray with sand or special filler is necessary for them, newspapers will not approach here. The tray has to be always clean. The Nevsky cat is accustomed to it quickly and easily.

Ears and animal claws demand leaving too. The first need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. Claws need to be cut, as well as any other cats. It is necessary to do it carefully not to injure the favourite's pad.

Both kittens, and adult individuals need qualitative food. > it is the best of all for strong to feed Kids with the ground meat and dairy products. Adult cats will eat a qualitative cat's forage, milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, chicken meat, turkey, beef with pleasure. It is possible to give to a cat of porridge and vegetables. All products have to be fresh, and meat – dietary. It is impossible to use spices and seasonings therefore cook food for a pet separately and do not give him pieces from the table. You watch that the pet did not overeat: it can do harm to his health. 2 times a day are the best of all to feed a cat.

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To the Nevsky cats, as well as any other, inoculations and planned surveys at the veterinarian are necessary. This breed differs in good health and endurance. They have no genetic diseases therefore at the careful loving owner the pet can live not less than 20 years.

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