• Aug 29, 2019

attribute to Cats magic force. The set of superstitions is connected with these animals. And if to the house the vagrant cat was beaten, then it occurred not accidentally.

What the Universe Speaks to You About if to the House the Vagrant Cat Was Beaten

Good sign or bad

The sign is considered good, but there is an important condition: the cat cannot be banished. Cats and cats protect the house from negative energy therefore they often come there where disagreements and quarrels reign.

  1. If the moustached guest came to the house of the ill person, then he needs to be fed and sheltered. Then the disease of the owner of housing will recede.
  2. If the small animal came to the house after someone's death, then on it it is necessary to pay special attention. The sign says that in such a way soul of the dead man has an effect. If a cat of black color, he can warn about a trouble.
  3. In the countries of the world in this respect there are different beliefs. For example, in India the cat who came to the house — a harbinger of a fast wedding or replenishment. And in the USA — a source of success and good luck.
  4. If in the house there lives several person, and the cat came into the room to someone to one, then thus she chose to herself the owner.

In general, fluffy guests promise good luck, success and wellbeing. The Universe sends a peculiar sign that there will be changes soon.

Cat or cat

Cats sometimes portend a trouble. For example, a big black cat — a harbinger of troubles and sufferings. Even if to banish it, the situation will not change. The failure reason not in a cat: he only warns about it.

A good sign — the pregnant cat who came to the house . She should be sheltered. If the person takes care of an animal, then to him happiness will come. The animal will never come to give birth to the place where power chaos reigns. Therefore arrival of a pregnant cat should be perceived as a hint that people do everything will truly and soon receive for it an award from the Universe.

The little kitten beaten to the house promises addition in family. Especially this sign is relevant for newlyweds. If the fluffy kid comes to the house of the elderly person, then he will become a defender from diseases and illnesses. Was considered earlier that the black kitten who came to the house becomes the assistant to the brownie, that is preserves the house against evil spirits.


Matters color

The color of a cat matters for interpretation of the sign of the Universe:

  1. White cats bring wellbeing and prosperity to the house. If the white kitty comes to the house to the sick person, then shortly he will recover.
  2. The black small animal bears success in all undertakings. It is considered that animals of such color — the strongest in the power plan therefore they protect from otherworldly forces, a malefice and negative better.
  3. Red foretells wealth, advance on a career ladder and improvements of financial position. Red cats "attract" to the owner of good and kind people, and bad drive away. Also for lonely girls they promise love of the man.
  4. Bogatka (three-colored) means approach of good luck and unexpected financial profit.
  5. Gray or blue — a symbol of good luck and harmony. The gray cat, on an equal basis with black, has mystical abilities. Such animals can kill pain, drive away diseases and failures.

To trust in signs or not — the choice of each person. But you should not drive away the cat who came to the house: the animal intuitively lasts there where it can be necessary, or there where will fall in love with it.

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