• Dec 22, 2019

For our ancestors of a cat were mystical animals who not only are directly connected with the other world, but also are allocated with own magic abilities. For this reason always carefully watched behavior of fluffy favourites, collecting signs and superstitions about them.

What Tell Signs About if the Cat Looks out of the Window

To heat

If the cat peacefully looks in a window or sleeps tight at a window a tum up, then it means that weather will be clear and warm. If the cat took seat to wash on a window sill, and turned a muzzle to the East then also weather comes nearer good, warm and windless. If to the West, then it soon deteriorates and, perhaps, it is going to rain or snow.

To guests

Cats have often a presentiment of appearance of guests (desired or not really) in the house. For example, if the cat sits on a window sill or at a window, and then suddenly rises and rests pads against a window frame or against glass, but at the same time does not mew and does not worry, means on the way to you guests.

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If the cat not just looks out of the window, and at the same time washes and carries out by pads during this process behind ears, then it means arrival to the house of acquaintances too.

By the child's birth

Cats are capable to predict replenishment in family. If suddenly your four-footed favourite rushed to a window, rested paws against glass or a window frame and began to mew, then it means that he calls to the house of guests and notifies them on replenishment approach.

Saw evil spirit

Cats are capable not only to feel the negative proceeding from the person but also can see and feel otherworldly forces. Not for nothing cats since ancient times were considered as mystical pets who were brought most often to themselves by witches and sorcerers. Many for certain noticed how sometimes their pet suddenly got up a column, having stared in one point and having begun to watch something invisible, mewing at the same time.

whether Can make friends two cats fighters in one house

The situation when the cat suddenly rushed to a window or a door, began to hiss, mew, scratch window frames or door jambs, to watch invisible movements something in space, means that in your house something not too good is created, and the evil spirit actively manages in your apartment and life. The cat tries to run away from the house therefore she so actively rushes on windows and doors.

Surely invite the priest or hold cleaning events as soon as possible to get rid of this negative.

To unpleasant news

If recently the cat constantly is nervous, worries, rushes to a window with loud miaow, scratches a floor, window sills, jambs, the glasses, then it means that you are waited by some unpleasant news or a disease. The animal tries to warn thus you about that negative that promptly approaches your life as it feels this power much stronger, than the person.

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