• Sep 21, 2019

is Practically familiar to each owner of a cat a ceremony when the pet meets the owner at a door and begins to rub about his legs. At first crawls a muzzle, then – sides, a tail. How to explain this behavior? Let's tell about it in our article.

What the Cat when He Rubs about Your Legs Wants to Tell About

Why cats rub about legs

What the favourite such actions wants to tell? The reasons of behavior can be a little.

Marks the space

It is the most probable motive. The person considers himself the owner since living conditions of a fluffy depend on the owner. However the pet has the opinion in this respect. Everything with whom he divides the dwelling, are a part of the protected area. Koteyka keeps account to property, controls emergence something or someone new in the house, tries to tidy up an object to soft pads. Greasing of an object is for this purpose used by special substance. Between ears and about a tail glands developing pheromones are located. Having rubbed about furnishings and people, the cat leaves on them an odorous tag. It is important to feel safe. If everything belongs to a koteyka around, he relaxes, feels surely and comfortably.

When the owner comes from the street, his clothes are impregnated by strangers, the disturbing smells. The cat's aroma disappeared. That to restore it, there is a procedure of rubdown. Having marked you, the cat shows to all people around that you his property also are under protection.

Draws attention

The kitty tries to communicate, points to the needs or shows caress. Do not banish the making-up favourite. Cats are vulnerable, is sincere in demonstration of feelings. It is considered if the fluffy was rubbed about the guest who came into the house, he accepted the stranger, showed to it trust and sympathy.

Issues "admission" on the territory

It concerns street animals. The cats living on the street have no owners. They meet a great number of the people, cannot say to the fellows that this specific person – his property. Why domestic pussycats sometimes cling to legs of passersby? Possibly, experienced cats say the behavior that the person is marked out how local, and to it it is granted permission for pass. Little street kittens cling and make up to passersby, looking for heat and care.

A if suddenly the cat began to lick legs

It is possible to explain a habit differently.

  1. Some cats especially carefully watch inviolability of the territory. They try to lick legs to remove a smell of sweat which kills a cat's tag. Sweat is also removed for safety. Instinctively the cat feels that the pungent smell can attract stronger predators.
  2. The cat can show attachment and caress so. Licking for cats is an expression of maternal care. Unlike dogs, cats use purr, caressing about hands more often. But licking can be explained with display of arrangement too.
  3. There is an opinion that cats can define sore points at the person. Licking legs, cats treat them, take off fatigue and tension.
  4. One more version is based on value of hierarchy in life of cats. In the wild nature cat's accurately know the place in community. Living with the person, the adult cat who felt the status of the leader can make allowance, having licked legs. On the contrary, the depressed, diffident pet in such a way will show to the person the subordinated situation.
  5. At mental discomfort, a stress at the person the biochemical composition of the substances which are emitted through skin changes. Cats are sensitive to change of an emotional condition of the owner. Trying to calm him, the fluffy psychotherapist begins licking.
  6. Cats, the long time spending at home alone miss. Licking of and the owner – one of ways to have a good time.

A if your cat yet never made up about your legs

Cats rub about ankles with a different frequency. They regulate, when necessary to make to update a tag with pheromones. If the favourite does not make up about your legs, do not hurry to be upset and reproach a koteyka with dislike. Perhaps, put to them before a tag which you did not notice, did not disappear yet. Time of new rubdown did not come.

If this period dragged on, think whether the pet trusts you. Whether it is reliable, comfortable to it at home. The persistent unwillingness to rub about ankles of the owner can say that the cat does not consider you the person, does not trust. Try to come into contact with it, ensure full safety, and the cat recognizes you by a part of the world.

Observation of a cat, attention to her habits will help to know the favourite better. Become for a cat "the" person. Care and careful leaving will get a response in soul of this charming, capable to bring joy, beings.

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