• Mar 31, 2019

Many owners make the huge mistakes connected with overfeeding of pets.

It Is Important to Know to All Owners of Four-footed Pets about the Excess Weight of a Cat

As a result of it the animal from the lovely creature turns into a fluffy lump of the fat which is hardly moving on the apartment.

Obesity — the dangerous pathology which is quite often leading to complications with health. But happen situations when a set of weight is not connected with food in any way .

Exists 7 main reasons for excess weight at cats about whom it is necessary to know.

The surplus of fatty deposits can be connected with many adverse factors.

If in time to learn to distinguish a problem, it is possible to save an animal from many sufferings.

Main reasons of obesity:

7 main reasons for excess weight at cats

Excess Weight at a Cat

  • The domestic cats unaccustomed to spend at liberty much time, are inclined to completeness, and it is connected with an inactive way of life. The small activity leads to adjournment of fats and a metabolic disorder. It is possible to correct a situation if to allow the pet to walk on the street and to hunt.
  • leads Old age of an animal to loss of activity and provokes obesity. It is possible to help if to feed an animal with the special forage intended for elderly pets.
  • Overfeeding of an animal. High-calorie food at low-active lifestyle can lead to irreversible consequences.
  • Improper feeding and an unbalanced diet also negatively affects the body weight of the pet. The cat has to receive vitamins and useful minerals from food, as well as people. The various diet with the minimum content of harmful fats will always allow a pet to remain in shape.
  • Castration or sterilization of an animal . This procedure can lead to violation of work of an endocrine system and decrease in level of sex hormones in an organism that, in turn, leads to loss at the pet of interest in active games and hunting.
  • Cats, as well as people, can have various diseases. For example, diabetes or dysfunction of a thyroid gland. These deviations lead to delay of exchange processes in an organism and provoke obesity.
  • Genetic favor . There are cat breeds inclined to increase of body weight in connection with anatomic features or processes of metabolism.

Gaining non-standard breeds, it is necessary to specify in advance what food is required for normal functioning of an organism of an animal.

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