• Nov 10, 2019

of the Cat – very soft and fluffy animals. They help people to cope with a stress by means of the purring. And still they are good rat catchers. Not without reason there is a saying "Without cat and life not that". In a number of the countries they are loved most of all, than in others.

Cat on Hands at the Girl

of the USA

Here 77 million fluffies live – at family of five people there is one cat. Here can present him for birthday, Christmas and other holidays.


50 million cats live. For China this small quantity if to consider the population of the country. One cat is the share of 20 people. The amusing fact that many young residents of China decide to get a little kitten and to look after him instead of making family.


There is not a lot of number of fluffy pets, as in China and the USA (12 million). Videos with them do not gain such popularity, but here love cats really. Some even consider that they bring a cosiness to the house.


Here 12.5 million cats. Their owners spend for a forage 1 billion dollars a year, and not really prosperous people. And still growth of such quantity happens at the expense of street, domestic cats.


In Paris one of symbols is the cat. Inhabitants got used long ago that the words "cat" or "cat" occurs in names of streets, cafe and trading companies. If it is short, then is to cats in the capital of France not bad. In the whole country there are 9.5 million cats.


In this country, in rural areas, cats on number as much, how many and people. In Rome there is even a church (Torre Ardzhetino Square) where everyone приблудившийся the kitten will receive also a shelter, and go. The number of cats coincides with France (9.5 million) here.

Great Britain

In Great Britain there are laws which protect the rights of cats. Besides the felinologiya exactly here arose (science about cats), there took place the very first exhibition of cats in the world and the club of fans of these fluffy is organized. Here 7.75 million cats live.


Germans caused a stir from others in creation of the cat's museum. Today there are about three thousand exhibits.


In Japan there was a cult – "неко". In translation this word is meant by "cat". Here the fashion of cat's cafes began. Visitors are ready to pay big money for sitting together with a cat and to drink a cup of coffee.


Here cats are loved, as well as in Russia. They are considered as friends, assistants who are adored by children.

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