• Sep 4, 2019
the Healthy cat is always playful

, well eats, behavior stable, and wool and ears are normal. But happens that the animal constantly bites, loudly myauchit, and the owner only abuses it instead of carrying to the veterinarian, the strange behavior can be symptom of dangerous diseases which are externally not visible.

10 diseases of cats which are usually not noticed by owners


Violation of production of insulin can arise at cats also often, as well as at people. Usually it is provoked by a high-carbohydrate diet which is not characteristic of predators. A risk zone – cats with excess body weight or at advanced age.

Symptoms of diabetes at a cat:

  • constant thirst;
  • urination is frequent;
  • the increased appetite;
  • rapid loss of weight;
  • unsteady gait, weakness of hinder legs.

The sick cat will need injections of insulin and a special diet and also hospitalization is possible. In the absence of treatment the animal will die.


The allergy at cats arises most often on food. Widespread allergens – wheat, corn, soy and chicken meat.


  • strong loss of wool not only during a molt season;
  • an itch, emergence of raschyos behind ears;
  • eczema on a back or an anus;
  • skin reddening, rash.

Treatment usually consists in purpose of a hypoallergenic diet and antihistaminic medicines.


Only soft food and the lack of care of an oral cavity of a cat leads improper feeding to appearance of caries and a scale. It often is followed by the aching toothache which is extremely painful for an animal.

Symptoms of a toothache:

  • refusal of food;
  • awkward swallowing pieces without chewing;
  • frequent falling of food back in a bowl that is more characteristic of a dry feed;
  • rubbing of armed area of moustaches or friction by a muzzle about furniture corners;
  • aggression on the person in attempts to touch area of a mouth;
  • at intolerable pain loud miaow, salivation will appear.

The veterinarian will save a cat from pain, will extract decayed teeth and deposits of a stone under anesthetic, will carry out sanitation of an oral cavity.


Cats can also have a periodontosis.

It is shown in:

  • a stench from a mouth;
  • loss of appetite;
  • bleeding and swelling of gums;
  • unsteadiness of teeth;
  • desire of a cat constantly to pull out something a paw from a mouth.

Treatment will require the antibiotics anesthetizing medicines, elimination of a source of inflammation – a decayed tooth, bad food.

of VIK

VIK at cats – the immunodeficiency virus similar in manifestations to human HIV. From the total number of the examined cats it is found approximately in 3-4%. More often the ungelded animals living on the street are ill. VIK is not transferred to people.

Symptoms of infection of a cat:

  • the increased temperature;
  • lack of appetite, vomiting;
  • the increased lymph nodes;
  • bad condition of wool;
  • constantly recurrent infections;
  • diseases of gums.

Treatment does not exist, only good food and worthy care of an animal is recommended.


Loss of hearing at cats is acquired as a result of a trauma, otitis, tumors or severe poisoning and also congenital. The acquired deafness can be cured, having removed the cause, from congenital it will not be possible to get rid.

Statistically, most often deafness white cats with blue eyes have .


  • the cat does not respond on a nickname;
  • looks scared, lost if hearing was good earlier, and later worsened or was gone at all;
  • does not wake up if nearby something strongly rattles.

Especially it is dangerous to the cats walking on the street.


If the cat loudly mewed and was unsteady, and later fell and, kind of, fell asleep – possibly, it is a faint. It is short-term or long that is a consequence of violations of work of a cardiac muscle, nervous or respiratory system.

Full inspection in veterinary clinic is shown to such animal.


If you regularly comb a cat a furminator and at it sides began to thin – reduce the frequency of raschyosyvaniye, at least, twice.

But if the cat began to lose wool in some places of a body for no apparent reason, then consultation of the veterinarian will be required. Such allopetion can be a consequence of an infection, allergy or endocrine violations.

False pregnancy

This disorder of mental character which is quite often suffered by the unsterilized domestic cats deprived of walking or copulating with the castrated cat. The sick cat is so sure of the pregnancy that she is even capable to bring up foreign kittens milk.

If the veterinarian really diagnosed false pregnancy for a cat, then from you only care will be required and this state will pass.

Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer is capable to strike not only people, but also cats. There is this disease, usually, at advanced age and is followed by the following manifestations:

  • the cat long rests a forehead against a wall and does not notice it;
  • loudly mews, a look absolutely empty;
  • aggression is replaced by apathy;
  • a disorientation in space.

It is not treated, the cat can just try to create safe space.

Cats, as well as people, are subject to various diseases, but a difference that they cannot see a doctor. Owners have to be attentive to the pets in time to render the necessary help – to keep or facilitate the favourite's life.

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