• Aug 16, 2019

the Pet needs regular visit of the veterinarian. Any symptom described in article can be symptom of a serious disease. Therefore, it is important to watch an animal and at the first symptoms of pathology immediately to address the expert.

10 symptoms at which the cat needs urgently to be conducted to the doctor

Blood in excrements or in urine

Emergence of blood can be noticed during cleaning of a toilet.

Blood in Calais

Normal in it there should not be impurity of blood or slime. There is a variety of reasons which can provoke this pathology:

  • dry feed. Its particles quite often injure an intestines cover;
  • chronic lock and colitis;
  • foreign matter;
  • viral and bacterial infections;
  • polyps;
  • cancer of a rectum and other departments;
  • the lack of vitamin K, promotes violation of coagulability of blood;
  • poisoning;
  • allergic reaction;
  • dysbacteriosis.

It is worth seeing the veterinarian immediately as soon as in Calais cats the portion of blood more than one drop was found. Especially it is worth paying attention if the animal feels pain.

Blood in urine

Gematuriya – characteristic symptom of an urolithic disease. Sometimes color of urine changes owing to blows or falling of an animal. It is very dangerous if the gematuriya develops against the background of infectious diseases. Also blood in urine is a characteristic sign of a polikistoz of kidneys, substandard tumors and diseases of bodies of reproduction.

It is worth seeing a doctor if at a cat:

  • apathy and sluggish state, loss of appetite;
  • frequent desires to urination;
  • painful urination. In such situation of a cat quite often try to hide and make the affairs in not put place;
  • temperature increase, against the background of development of infectious diseases.

It is necessary to consult with the veterinarian at emergence in a cat, the first signs of concern.

Cough and otdyshka

Symptoms can be characteristic symptoms of asthma, a helminthic invasion, existence of a foreign matter, allergic reaction, pneumonia or pathologies of a cardiovascular system. Respiratory diseases which demand the correct diagnostics are also frequent. Quickly developing pathology can lead of the favourite to death. Therefore, it is important to address the veterinary expert as soon as possible.


If it is not caused by physical activity of a cat, pregnancy or the increased ambient temperature, then, most likely, thirst is symptom of the following pathologies:

  • diabetes;
  • bleeding;
  • infectious diseases which cause diarrhea;
  • disease of kidneys and heart.


It can be found easily if at a cat constantly wet neck, she continuously swallows saliva, often washes or it throws out language.

Main reasons:

  • infectious diseases;
  • new growths;
  • violation of work of a GIT;
  • rage.


Frequent urination can demonstrate serious pathological processes which began in an organism of a cat. As a rule, it is a sure sign of cystitis, urolithic disease, diabetes and renal failure.

the Blown-up stomach

This symptom can be shown owing to many diseases. And if not to diagnose it in time, the animal, most likely, will die. The abdominal distension is characteristic of a meteorizm, helminthic invasions, peritonitis, ascites, plague or a lock.

Began to smell from a mouth

The repellent smell can be caused by problems with teeth and gums, a gastrointestinal disease and an urinary system. It is almost impossible to make the exact diagnosis in house conditions. To understand the exact reason of an unpleasant smell from a mouth, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive examination and to make a number of tests.


It is characterized by a number of signs:

  • vomiting, lock or diarrhea, as a result deterioration in appetite;
  • thirst;
  • dim wool, is often tousled or drops out;
  • without treatment strong loss of weight is observed.

The reason of diarrhea can become:

  1. Parasites, viral infections or oncology.
  2. Change of a diet, poisoning or allergy.
  3. Foreign subject, including wool lumps.


It is worth drawing close attention to a cat if she is a little and drinks, refuses favourite toys and tries to lie more in the secluded place, having hidden from the owner. If the animal carried a stress, moving or at it simply bad mood – the slackness is not a symptom of a serious disease. If the apathetic state does not pass more than a day, then it is worth addressing the veterinarian for consultation. Such behavior of a cat can be connected with a number of infectious and parasitic diseases which it is necessary to diagnose and treat.

Inflammation of eyes

Main reasons:

  • allergy;
  • mechanical damages;
  • conjunctivitis and inflammation of the third century;
  • infectious diseases (panleukopenia, кальцивироз, rhinotracheitis and so forth).

The owner has to find out existence of other symptoms, except inflammation of eyes. If there are no those, and only dacryagogue is observed, then the cat can be helped independently. It is enough to wipe eyes with a napkin and to use ophthalmologic drops.

Strangenesses in behavior

Any owner of a cat knows her character. If she changes the habits, it often indicates problems. Not always they are connected only with health. Sometimes the animal has a stress because of furnishings in the apartment (not enough place, is noisy) or it had a hormonal imbalance against the background of drug intake. Also change of behavior is not seldom connected with age or pregnancy.

On strangeness of behavior of an animal, subjects absence, it is worth paying attention. Often a cat, without understanding it, points to the owners to problems with health this way.

The cat cannot approach the owner and tell about the illnesses. Owners have to watch closely favourites and in time address the veterinary expert for consultation and the help. Only in this case the cat will live long and happy life.

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