• Aug 21, 2019

of the Cat — darlings and the animals loved by many people. Quite often owners of these pets think of what is pleasant to fluffy family members and that is not present. Let's consider 10 things which are not loved most of all by cats.

10 things which are not loved most of all by your cat

of the Travel

Any change of a situation for pets is a stress, and cats not an exception. Outdoors they feel danger and can take travel hard. Zoopsychologists advise carefully to prepare cats for travel: to get strong carrying and to give to the moustached friend time to get used to it.

Loud sounds

Unfamiliar and loud sounds can also irritate cats. It can become the stress reason. The animal becomes aggressive, is careful of contacts with people and hides.

Foreign cats

When animals are together for long years, they get on rather peacefully. In case to the house bring one more, unfamiliar cat, it is always a problem. The animal will defend the territory and to react rather aggressively. If the competitor is stronger, it can also become the stress reason for a cat.

Pungent smells

Cats possess very sensitive scent therefore pungent smells can irritate them. To it it is possible to carry a citrus, alcohol, chemical medicines.

of the Dog

All of us heard expression "to live as a cat with a dog". And it appeared with an ulterior motive. It is considered to be that dogs do not love cats, but it not so. Cats do not like to contact to other animals, and at a meeting with a dog show aggression or run away. Dogs quite often just attack out of curiosity.


This procedure not always causes pleasure in our fluffy friends. Many of them do not love excessive attention to the person. Therefore it is better to accustom the favourite to comb-out from early age.

When you sing

For a cat it is unclear and strange sounds. She does not know how she treats them, and often hides. Of course, if the owner often the pet got used to be engaged in singing and to these sounds, still being a kitten, they will not irritate him. If you decided to give party of a karaoke for your unprepared cat, most likely he will not become the grateful listener and will run away into the secluded town.

Food with a musty smell

This point concerns, generally damp forages and natural food. Besides that strongly stale food smells for a cat deafeningly unpleasantly, it still can seriously be injurious to health.


Though cats are very selective in communication, they cannot transfer loneliness. If, having got used to the owner, the murlyka does not receive from him attention and caress, it can become the stress reason.

is Too much attention

Too persuasive behavior of the person can irritate cats too. It seems to many people that these lovely animals are simply created for caress and a sit-round gathering on a lap of the owner, but it not so. If the animal is not ready for caress, you should not pull violently it on hands. Most likely, the fluffy will react with aggression.

As you will not meet identical people, and habits of each cat are individual. Look narrowly at behavior of your fluffy favourite and bring each other only positive emotions.

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