• Oct 5, 2019

Among the Russian celebrities is crazy much those who from the pets. Let's consider in more detail which of stars of domestic show business just adore the cats.

Ler Kudryavtsev's


The famous TV host is an owner of a cat with a plain nickname of Fof of breed Scottish lop-eared. She is so keen on the animal that personally for it created the account in Instagram. Already several years Kudryavtseva shares any movements of the favourite and amusing stories. It should be noted that Fofa took more than 20,000 subscribers.

Anastasia Stotskaya

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

Anastasia Stotskaya is also crazy about "Scots". She has a cat by the name of Monica who house is called on bigger degree Lyusy. The singer so shrouds the fluffy favourite in care and love that sometimes thinks that not the cat lives at it, and it at a cat.

Pavel Priluchny


Pavel Priluchny has a son Timofey to whom he presented for good behavior of a cat of breed a Scottish Fold of smoky coloring. Decided to call the pet Mr. Sullivan. Now all family of a celebrity worships the fluffy favourite with fervent character.

Maxim Averin

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

The star of series "Wood-grouse", despite the brutal appearance, in life is a kind and gentle person. In his house there live two cats – the Angora Jascha and Siamese Fima. According to the actor, he picked up animals on the street.

Dmitry Malikov

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

The singer Dmitry Malikov is an inveterate fan of cats. In the yard of his house the cat gave birth to kittens then he a long time fed up animals. The singer so became attached to kittens that soon took away them to itself home. Also in Malikov' family there is one more kitty known as Mika.

Anastasius Volochkov's

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

The famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova prefers the Persian cats. The Persian cat Murysik – the honorary member of family. It is very attached to the hostess therefore strongly misses when Anastasia long time is outdoors. The ballerina also claims that Murysik helps it to relax after the intense working days.

Anjelica Varum

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

Varum and Agutina lives the Singapore cat known as Naomi Rosenthal in family, however members of household call it Nyusey. In spite of the fact that Leonid long time did not want to get a pet, at some point gave up what is not sorry about at all.

Arina Sharapova

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

Arina Sharapova became the owner of two remarkable kitties against the will – animals presented to her. Now she is a happy owner of an Abyssinian cat of Asya and Vasya's cat of the Siberian breed.

Victoria Bonya

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

Star of the House-2 teleproject thorough fan of cats. Houses at it the smart cat of breed the savanna which is similar to a little leopard lives. As tells a celebrity, the animal was bought in the USA for 10,000 dollars.

Alexey Chumakov

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

The singer always considered himself the dog lover absolutely indifferent to cats until got to itself a sphinx by nickname Gucci. The cat has independent character, independence, than very much amuses the owner.

Pavel Volya

11 Russian stars which adore the cats

The resident Kamedi-Klaba got the pet of breed a Maine Coon known as the Boomer. The massive cat very much pleases Pavel Volya's family. And the actor admits that the weighty pet eats much more, than he in student's years.

Apparently from our selection, a celebrity also love, care and find time for the favourites, despite their loaded schedule.

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