• Feb 11, 2020
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of the Menu for a cat separate and not to include the food remains from a table of the owner. Some products can do serious harm to health of an animal therefore are under the strict ban.

13 products which cannot be given to a cat even if she strongly asks


Cats are often not indifferent to a fish smell, but it is not suitable for their food at all. In fish there are many small stones which at ingestion can injure a gullet. In the raw she can be infected with helminths which at hit in an organism of an animal affect his internals.

Besides, the fish menu is a step to development urolithic - diseases because of high content in fish of phosphorus. And if she was caught in a dirty reservoir, then except helminths toxic agents (pesticides, mercury, lead) also can get to an organism.


Fat grades of meat are not suitable for feeding of cats: pork, goose, duck. The use of such products can lead to pancreatitis, cirrhosis and a chronic renal failure.

As a part of industrial forages it is often possible to see meat of a duck, but in this case it is completely harmless as undergoes careful processing during which excess fat is removed and there is a useful protein.


Some cats like to regale on green peas, but it cannot be allowed. Any bean cultures (peas, soy, haricot) are not acquired in an animal organism that leads to problems in work of a gastrointestinal tract (swelling, fermentation in intestines).

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Many mistakenly consider that milk is useful for cats. Actually its use is fraught with problems with digestion (diarrhea, vomiting) because of the content in it of lactose which is not acquired by the pet's organism.

Dairy products with the high content of fat in addition load a liver and a pancreas.


Some vegetables for cats are the real poison. For example, onions cannot be given in no shape or form. It contains a disulfide which destroys erythrocytes in blood and can lead to development of hemolytic anemia. The same element is present also at garlic. Even single consumption of onions in a large number can lead to serious poisoning and death of an animal.

Also it is impossible to indulge the pet potatoes and tomatoes. They contain poisonous glycoalkaloid solanine alkaloid. At hit in an organism it causes severe pains in a stomach and intestines. Under a ban there are not only fruits and also stalks and leaves of these plants.

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The danger to cat's health is constituted by various spices, salt and preservatives. Their use can lead to problems with kidneys, a liver and digestive tract. For this reason food from a table which preparation does not do without addition of salt and spices should not get to an animal bowl.

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of the Bone

Meat needs to be given only in the cut-off look, bones is not food for cats. Even the small stone or its part can get stuck in a throat, scratch a gullet or injure intestines. In certain cases the animal cannot save life without operation.


Fat for cats – a tidbit, but here their pancreas will not be glad to such delicacy. In an organism of an animal the insufficient amount of enzymes is produced to cope with such to greasy food.

Feeding by fat can lead to pancreatitis, obesity, problems in work of a gastrointestinal tract and to liver diseases.


The liver is rich with vitamin A which excess in an organism leads to loss of wool, deformation of a skeleton, disorder of digestion (vomiting, diarrhea) and diseases of joints. Also the liver contains phosphorus which can cause development or exacerbation of an urolithic disease.


The high content of fats in nuts causes disorders of digestion and contributes to the development of pancreatitis. Also feeding by nuts becomes frequent the reason of excess of phosphorus in an organism.

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Walnuts and nut of a macadamia are especially dangerous to cats. The last contains toxin, dangerous to animals. At its hit in an organism work of digestive and nervous systems is broken.

Grapes or raisin

Several grapes eaten by a cat can become the reason of poisoning which first symptoms are vomiting, the increased thirst, refusal of food. Also consumption of both fresh grapes, and raisin can cause a renal failure.

Tea and coffee

It is unlikely someone intentionally will begin to pour coffee in a cat's bowl, but the pet can find drink, having jumped on a table, and it is impossible to allow it. The caffeine which is contained in tea and coffee results in hyperactivity of an animal, and in high doses – to problems in work of heart and nervous system.

Dog food

The dog forage contains less protein therefore at its constant use the cat will not receive its sufficient quantity that will cause deficiency of amino acids. Such food is fraught with heart troubles, a gastrointestinal tract. Also the shortage of vitamins and fats has negative effect on development of an organism in general and deteriorations in sight can become the reason of the slowed-down growth.

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