• Jan 2, 2020
the Clean tray – is equally important

in life of a cat and her owners. If he is moved away, the animal will celebrate need only in the place put for it, and the smell will not extend out of tray limits. However sometimes it is not enough: to neutralize a smell, it is necessary to enclose in addition in a cat's toilet some subject. It is possible to use expensive fillers or to apply make-shifts. About the last below the speech will also go.


Green tea

Take the fresh or used leaves of green tea (dry up them before repeated application).

Mix a small amount of tea with filler: it will help to neutralize a smell, without having frightened an animal.

If the house there is no green tea, use black.

Baking soda

It is one more product which costs kopeks, but it is useful in life. Soda cleans, the sore throat treats, helps at problems with a stomach.

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In a cat's toilet it is also suitable for fight against unpleasant smells. Scoop a powder tablespoon, distribute it a thin layer on a tray bottom, and from above powder with filler.

Potassium permanganate

The potassium permanganate solution in the people called "potassium permanganate" absorbs smells on an equal basis with soda and tea.

However now this medicine is not always sold in free access. In drugstores it is released according to the recipe of the doctor or is not offered for sale at all. But to get egomozhno also in gardening shop. Only consider that the medicines bought in them can be with additives which are dangerous to pets.

Laundry soap

In spite of the fact that the cosmetic industry offers the mass of new means, laundry soap finds the buyers. This available means checked by time.

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Its advantages: environmental friendliness and safety. Soap is made of natural components, does not contain harmful additives therefore it is safe for cats.

To remove a smell a cat's toilet, rub means on a small grater and distribute on a tray bottom then fill up it with filler. Remember that means dries skin. To secure itself, put on protective gloves.


The product belongs to a citrus, and the smell which proceeds from all fruit of this group is unpleasant to cats. You should not add it to a tray, otherwise the pet will cease to celebrate need there.

However you can apply lemon juice if the tray smells even after washing. Moisten a napkin in lemon juice, wipe a cat's toilet and leave it to dry. As soon as the tray dries, rinse it with water and dry up finally.

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Using make-shifts, do not forget about safety of your pets. The pungent smell of soda or green tea can frighten off cats or even to cause an allergy. That you had not to kill constantly an urine smell, wash a tray right after the animal celebrated need. In the majority a case of it it is enough.

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