• Nov 3, 2019
would be desirable

for Much that pets were able to go to a toilet bowl. It saves from different problems, beginning from need to regularly change filler and to unpleasant smells. Some cats are accustomed to a toilet seat independently, it is only enough to leave a door to the bathroom open. But we cannot leave things to chance therefore we will consider several effective ways to receive desirable result.

3 effective ways to accustom a cat to go to a toilet bowl

the Special training system

One of popular methods is gradual schooling of a kitten to a toilet bowl according to the special scheme. The essence is in that gradually, by means of newspapers and magazines to lift a cat's toilet to toilet bowl level. Later it is necessary to rearrange a tray on a toilet bowl. When the kitten gets used to jump, gradually we reduce amount of filler and if we are confident in the pet, we remove capacity.

At any time if something went wrong, it is possible to return to the previous stage and to repeat attempt. Very important at all stages that the tray was reliably strengthened as any "poshatyvaniye" during cat's affairs can frighten your favourite.

On average this method takes from a week to one month. Have patience, a lot of things depend on temperament of a kitten.

to Establish to

a convenient seat on a toilet bowl

Process will help to facilitate a task and to accelerate special set for schooling of a cat to a toilet bowl. It consists of trays nozzles on a toilet seat to which it is possible to add filler. These nozzles consist of rings which gradually are removed, forming in the middle an opening from small to big.

It is possible to try to make an analog of these nozzles independently of a cardboard box, gradually cutting out in it a hole. Besides habitual filler it is recommended to add cat's mint to a tray.

is constant to land

Some owners of cats try to obtain success regular jumping of the pets on a toilet bowl. It can be tried if the cat perceives such attempts quietly. At the slightest discontent it is better to stop, otherwise such way to celebrate need will begin to be associated at your favourite with punishment that will lead to failure.

Each pet is an identity with own character. Cats should not adapt to us. If your pet categorically does not want to do the things as people, do not insist. Let process of schooling do not divide, and pulls together you with your favourite.

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