• Oct 30, 2019
Quite often we see
on streets of decorative doggies in nice sweaters and kombinezonchik. However for cats there is a large number of fashionable things too, many of which we can make with own hands.

the Sweater with a neck

4 plain sweaters which the cat can knit by the hands

For this purpose we will need several flowers of yarn of one quality, needle No. 3 and hooks No. 2, No. 3 for a binding and seams of clothes. For a start we take measurements of a cat: a neck grasp, trunk volumes (behind lobbies / before hinder legs at the basis), trunk length (between back and forepaws / from the neck basis to the tail basis).

Important! We take measurements a centimetric tape (no allowances should be). On their basis we build the scheme. Approximate calculation – 2-3 loops = 1 cm. We begin to knit according to the scheme from a front shelf. Provyazyvayem an elastic band, we pass to a continuous front smooth surface. Alternation of flowers, width of strips – on your discretion. Following technology: we add thread to knitting, tying one color to the going thread according to the drawing from inner side. On 20 cm from each party we gather additionally a loop on sleeves through 10 cm of a smooth surface. Not to constrain movements of an animal, do them in "three quarters". When a half of a sleeve is ready (7 cm in this case), start closing of average loops of a front shelf for a mouth (24 pieces), in the following row gather 32 loops. Further we act according to the scheme, adding through each 6-8 rows new loops on a back. Height of a collar depends on your desire – it is possible to make a neck with a top 6 cm high. Iron a cloth before assembly (walk only on a front smooth surface, bypassing an elastic band). Execute side seams, tie sleeves with a hook, a column without nakid. Do it by the same thread which you used for a mouth and an elastic band. So sleeves will more harmoniously fit into the general shape of a product.

the Sweater with the drawing

For such sweater we will need a needle, 100 grams of yarn (light and dark), needles No. 3.5, the scheme (it is possible to choose any, depending on the drawing which you want to recreate. We will work according to this scheme).

scheme of the drawing

First of all we gather thread of one color of 48 loops, we connect by an elastic band 2/2, then we pass to thread of other color, provyazyvay 5 cm with a front smooth surface. According to the above-stated scheme we start knitting of the drawing. We knit the openings intended for paws, thus: 7 front loops, we close 6 loops, 22 front loops, again we close 6 loops, 7 front loops. The subsequent 5 cm we knit separately turned out 3 parts, then we connect them, gathering up to 6 loops over the closed loops. Through 20 cm we do decrease from a mouth (3 times on 3 loops from 2 parties).

Having finished with the drawing, we close the remained loops. On edges of the openings intended for paws of an animal we gather 20 loops dark thread, we connect 4 cm by an elastic band 2/2.

the Sweater with a hood

4 plain sweaters which the cat can knit by the hands

For this purpose we will need black yarn (260m/100g), green yarn (you can use any colors) in the same proportions, a needle big, needles No. 4 and hook No. 3.

Following operations procedure:

  • for a start we will gather fifty two loops (from the first on the twenty seventh, with thirty third on the thirty sixth ranks (further are designated as river) – knitting hosiery, from ruble, the twenty eighth on the thirty third, – an elastic band 1х1);
  • we will divide a cloth into eight, six, twenty four, six, eight loops. We will dump pieces on six loops on an additional pin or a thread;
  • we knit twelve rows hosiery knitting a piece in twenty four loops, we do twenty one rows by hosiery knitting pieces on eight loops;
  • 58 rubles (we will make six nakid in pieces on six passed loops, we will connect a cloth in a single whole), with 59 on 73 rubles – hosiery knitting (6 cm), 74, 75 rubles – we close the first twelve loops, from 76 on 83 rubles – again hosiery knitting of 6 cm, with 84 on 85 rubles – we add at the beginning of each row fourteen loops, from 86 on 95 rubles – hosiery knitting, 96 rubles – we close twelve average loops.

Knitting is divided into the right and left parts: we need to make several reductions of loops from the middle of knitting. From the place of closing – 12 loops.

Left part: 97, 99, 101.103 rubles – we close the first two loops near the closed twelve loops; 98, 100, 102, 104-127 rubles – hosiery knitting; 128 rubles – we close loops. Right part: we repeat 97-128 rubles for this party. Sleeves: we gather thirty loops, we connect twenty rows by hosiery knitting. We make the same with the second sleeve. Then we collect a sweater.


For knitting of a vest we will need soft yarn (about 50 g), needles No. 4, the scheme.

2_reference.jpg Being guided

by this scheme, you can knit to the pet a vest which will not leave him indifferent. For a start we measure a grasp of a waist of an animal (on the scheme it is designated by letter "T"). We knit a continuous cloth from a back. We connect an elastic band (width of 3 cm), openings for forepaws (a front smooth surface to an armhole), then we close loops at first on the one hand, we knit further, we close with another. Now we knit a mouth, we do loops of 1 shoulder, then we close them on a pattern of 5 cm and on 3 cm to a pattern we knit loops 2 shoulders. We sew before and an armhole back. We tie with an elastic band of an armhole and a mouth.

Let your pet will be warmed from cold, is fashionably dressed and popular, thanks to looks of people around, continually with affection directing in its party. Moreover, doing clothes for the favourite by the hands, you will save a great lot of money and will be absolutely sure of quality of materials.

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