• Jan 10, 2020

of the Cat have the unique abilities surprising people. They perfectly see in the dark, can find a way home even from the other end of the world, differ in delicate ear. It is the incomplete list of surprising features of representatives of the cat family. Let's find out, than these animals are still so remarkable.

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Ability to see in the dark

At the minimum quantity of lighting or its total absence of a cat can distinguish the familiar person at distance of 100 meters. Such feature is caused by the evolutionary reasons.

As by the nature these moustached predators treat night hunters, ability to see kindly in the dark – need for high survival.

Wild fellows cat's still lead mainly a nocturnalism. They not only hunt in night-time, but also eat only what they managed to get.

Sense of smell

In a mouth there is a vomeronazalny body allowing to feel literally taste of a smell.

Perhaps, you noticed that sometimes the cat for the unevident reason widely opens a mouth. Thus he uses this unusual body and tries to feel flavoring features of any aroma.

The similar feature strengthens olfactory receptors in several tens of times: by means of keen sense of smell there is an opportunity to distinguish the enemies, people, the territory of other animals or other cats.

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water quality Definition

Language of cats is arranged interestingly too: in it capillary nipples which main construction substance is the keratin are located (it also meets in nail plates). They perform not only function of a hairbrush or sponge for washing, but also the special receptors allowing to distinguish better tastes.

Together with unusual sense of smell it gives the chance to define water quality.

If at it there are toxic elements, high concentration of chlorine or other harmful impurity, an animal will not touch water and will indicate to you that liquid in a bowl should be changed.

Ability to distinguish shades gray

For long time of studying of cats there was a theory that they see limited amount of colors and perceive an environment in gray color. However for the last few years this theory was subject to criticism: it was proved that these predatory mammals can distinguish 6 primary colors and 25 shades of gray color.

Scientists connect such unusual perception also with the evolutionary reasons.

Small rodents whose skin color most often has a gray shade with various impurity were the main production of the cultivated representatives cat's.

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In our lexicon there is even a naming for such gray – mouse gray.

Thus, the arranged perception of color at cats is connected with their hunting preferences.


Hearing at these pets so sensitive that in the absence of other sense organs an opportunity to be guided quietly in space will remain.

The lower bound of sound range equals 300 HZ, and the top about 62-66 kHz. At kittens at the age of 18 days the upper bound is even above and can reach 100 kHz.

The cat's ear perfectly perceives infra-and ultrasonic waves that it considerably helps with hunting for rodents.

Add to it surprising patience and persistence, and receive the hunter who it will be immovable to sit at a mouse mink for hours. At the same time any sound will not pass by as ears will turn in that party with which it was distributed.

Cats can determine the sound height, its force and degree of remoteness from them.

As sinks of ears at these animals are curved in the form of a funnel and are very mobile (consist of 27 active muscles), representatives of cat's can not move but only to turn ears in different directions, fixing sounds.

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Hearing at cats is also extremely selective: if the made sounds to it are uninteresting, then it will not react to them.

However the animal needs to hear even silent, but unfamiliar rustle, it will prick up the ears at once and will stiffen in a hunting pose.

Surprisingly and the fact that cats can distinguish family members on voices: distinguish intonation of a voice, remember and identify some important words, including teams, sounds of steps and even the running engine of the master's car.

These animals quickly will understand that the owner parks at the house, and will begin to be torn to a door in advance, meeting him.

Despite so long life near the person, cats still remain for us a fauna riddle. These creations have unique and surprising qualities of which people can only dream. Scientists still try to solve them, and owners just prefer to love the four-footed pets.

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