• Nov 9, 2019

Keeping of a domestic cat – occupation expensive. However, if to approach business intelligently, then it is possible to save noticeably. If you are under strained circumstances or simply practical, read our councils how to avoid unnecessary expenses.

5 advice which will help to save on keeping of a cat up to 3 thousand rubles a month

to Buy by

ready-made feeds

Some supporters of natural food brag of the fact that they have unpretentious cats who eat the same, as people. It is wrong. Fried potato, for example, is contraindicated to cats. To feed an animal with natural products, it is necessary to make at first the menu and to calculate calories, then to look for meat of a rabbit, fresh beef, an offal and quail eggs in shops. Besides, all this should be prepared daily. It is very expensive and energy-intensive, especially at a way of life of the modern busy person when also himself could not be fed. Optimum it is preferable to buy a special cat's forage, certainly, a premium class. It is the most favorable to order cat's food on the Internet (it will cost percent 20 cheaper, than in supermarket).

to Accustom a cat to a toilet bowl

If to teach a cat to do instead of a tray the things in a toilet bowl, then you noticeably will save on filler (on average, one package weighing 5 kg costs rubles 250, and it is spent in 2 weeks). Zoopsychologists advise to carry out reeducation gradually. Try to raise daily a tray, enclosing under it newspapers or magazines. When height reaches toilet seat level, remove a tray absolutely. It is supposed that nothing will remain to a cat how to switch to a new toilet. For a bait leave products of cat's activity in a toilet bowl. It is so more clear to an animal what from it is wanted. Do not insist if for any reason of the relation of a cat with a toilet bowl are not got on. Show patience.


to Make a kogtetochka

It is absolutely optional to buy fashionable expensive kogtetochka. These are the goods created by marketing specialists especially for devastation of purses of owners. By the way, cats prefer to sharpen claws about a carpet or furniture. Special lodges lose in comparison with a usual cardboard box too. If you are afraid for safety of a sofa, then make a kogtetochka with own hands from make-shifts – upholster a board or the small sheet chipboard with fabric or a piece of a carpet. The cat will estimate yours хендмейд.

to Sew a stove bench

Branded laying are not really necessary to cats too. It is far more pleasant to sleep on an old master's sweater. If from it to sew a cover and to fill with soft rags, the comfortable and stylish stove bench which and is not a pity for throwing out if deteriorates will turn out.

to Remember

about a bow on a string

In Soviet period to cats did not buy a toy in shops, however there were they same jumping and cheerful, as well as pets contemporaries. Houses there will always be some bow from packing, or the usual rustling piece of paper which can be bound on a thread.

It is absolutely optional to follow the tastes of producers of goods for animals and to spend money (considerable) for objects which it is possible to make with own hands. Show ingenuity, and the cat will be healthy, full and happy.

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