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to Wash with

a cat – troublesome occupation for most of owners. The animal escapes, scratched and heart-rendingly mews during the water procedure. However not all pets endure contact with water so painfully. There are cat breeds which like to bathe.


5 cat breeds which contrary to stereotypes like to bathe

The Bengalese cat visually reminds the inhabitant of the savanna. It is distinguished by the exotic coloring indicating close relationship with a wild Asian leopard cat.

The Bengalese is deprived of wild habits of the predatory relatives, however inherited from them love to water. The breed is completely cultivated. Her representatives living side by side with people on a behavior manner differ from other domestic cats a little. They are playful and tender, incredibly dexterous and fearless.

The lack of fear of the Bengalese of water allows to carry out without problems hygienic procedures in the bathroom. The cat willingly gives itself to wash to the owner. The animal does not miss an opportunity to popleskatsya, play with water streams, to start paws in an aquarium with small fishes. Owners quite often find the fluffy pet lying in a wet basin, a sink or a bathtub. The included shower, sounds of the flowing water do not frighten him as other domestic cats. The Bengalese should not be caught on all apartment to redeem. He with pleasure will allow the owner to bring his hair into an appropriate look.

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Norwegian forest

5 cat breeds which contrary to stereotypes like to bathe

The Norwegian forest cat or Vega can be referred to the most ancient North European breeds. In ancient times she lived in damp cold forests of Scandinavia. To this representative of the cat family covered with long warm water-repellent wool with a dense underfur the winter icy cold is not terrible. He is not afraid of snowfalls and cold rains.

The Norwegian forest cat is distinguished by well developed hunting instincts, dexterity and endurance. He perfectly is able to swim and is capable to catch fish in natural reservoirs like the lake or a stream.

Representatives of this breed perfectly approach for a pet role. They are distinguished by quiet and friendly character. They are counterbalanced and slow. The Norwegian cat does not create problems with adoption of hygienic water procedures. In the bathroom she behaves quietly.

If in the apartment there is an aquarium with small fishes, Vega will try to catch them. At a cat of this breed the hunting instinct is strongly developed, and he is not afraid of water at all.

Maine Coon

5 cat breeds which contrary to stereotypes like to bathe

The breed a Maine Coon occurred from a cat of the State of Maine in the northeast of the USA which did not avoid cold, damp and ice wind.

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A Maine Coon – a huge fluffy domestic cat. She is strong and hardy. Differs in quiet, a little pride temper. At the same time the animal very friendly, easily finds a common language with members of household.

The giant with loveful heart and "courageous" appearance the big fan of water procedures. At contact with water it becomes playful and active. Having appeared near a reviver source, the Maine Coon turns from a quiet pet into a naughty animal. It with ecstasy frolics, laps in water, plays with water streams, involving members of household in the entertainments.


5 cat breeds which contrary to stereotypes like to bathe

One more breed having a bright color and centuries-old history – Abyssinian. The homeland of these cats is Ethiopia. Each representative of breed has bright individual character.

Abyssinians adore games. They are capable to reproduce a large number of various sounds. Thus the cat "talks" to the owner, shows the mood. Cats of this breed love society of the person, they are ready to follow the owner the whole day on heels. However at the same time representatives of Abyssinian breed do not love hands. It is their distinctive feature. With other pets of an Abyssinian are tolerant, but can offend them.

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The relation to water of these cat's is individual. Not all individuals like to take a bath. They like to sit in a sink more, playing with a water jet, or to drink from a toilet bowl.

Egyptian Mau

5 cat breeds which contrary to stereotypes like to bathe

The Egyptian Mau is a cat of the average sizes with short wool of spotty coloring. The breed is adaptable. These cats with success can adapt to accommodation both in house conditions, and on the street.

This breed has the first-class hunting skills and at free access to the street will often please owners with the production brought to the house. Mau has pronounced attachment to water. It can be found often playing with the crane. Representatives of this breed with pleasure take a bath. They do not disdain and to drink water from a toilet bowl.

Degree of love to water of this or that cat depends not only on her breed, but also on character of an animal. Those pets who in fact like to wet the pads will appear wishes to join the owner and in the bathroom.

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