• Oct 11, 2019

If you want to bring the four-footed favourite, but because of constant employment you do not have enough time, be not upset. In this case it is worth choosing such cat breed which differs in special independence, and the shortage of free time will not be so considerable any more. What breeds approach for this purpose best of all, you learn from our article.


5 cat breeds which differ in independence

The noble Angora cat differs in high intelligence and special inquisitiveness. One more characteristic feature of this breed – big mobility therefore the Angora cats do not like to sit in one place and constantly explore the dwelling. Also these cats with ease learn to open doors and to bring to the owner small objects. Getting houses angora, it is necessary to consider all these features. If you need to leave such pet of one, he surely should be provided with different entertainments and toys, then he will be able quite to spend time alone, waiting for the owner.

American curl

5 cat breeds which differ in independence

Distinctive feature of this breed are the unusual ears wrapped back. For the rest cats of breed an American curl can be characterized as quiet and friendly pets. They perfectly get on both with adults, and with children, at the same time will never begin to bother the owner with the presence. If necessary the American curl will always find to himself entertainment therefore you can quietly go about the own business.


5 cat breeds which differ in independence

Cats of this breed completely corresponds to the appearance. Proud and haughty pets who love only those family members who could find to them approach grow up from Abyssinian cats. Bringing up such animal, it is necessary to be very patient and reserved as the Abyssinian cat does not take out shouts and the more so manhandling. One more distinctive feature of this breed – independence. Whether the Abyssinian can not be interested in what his owner and houses he in general is busy. Such breed suits people who appreciate silence and privacy.

Short-haired British

5 cat breeds which differ in independence

This breed also differs in willfulness and independence. British remembers existence of the owner only if it needs something. This cat will not allow to squeeze himself precisely therefore prepare that it is necessary to admire the pet generally from far away. Of course, and cats who love attention of owners occur among the short-haired British, but it is rather an exception to the rules.

Russian blue cat

5 cat breeds which differ in independence

The Russian blue cat is known thanks to the unusual silver-blue color. This breed differs in special curiosity and the developed intelligence. Such cat can be characterized as the quiet and peaceful pet who seldom shows love and attachment. Despite it, the favourite betrayed to the owner grows up from the Russian blue. Nevertheless, independence remains one of characteristic features of this breed.

If you look for the independent pet, then will surely find him among the breeds described in our article. At the same time do not forget that any cat, even the most independent, needs your attention and care from time to time.

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