• Dec 21, 2019
of History of cats which could become famous on social networks and by that literally loaded with money the owners, having made them millionaires. And it is pleasant to look at a photo of so successful persons especially. Before you five megaknown four-footed "stars".

5 cats who earn more than many

Pukhlenky and fluffy Hosiko from Moscow almost does not differ from the well-groomed relatives. This is the fatty of a tortoise color with direct ears. Actually Hosiko from breed of Scottish Folds, but some of them are born such.

Daily watch 1.4 million subscribers adventures of a nice cat Instagram. Our charming compatriot really won the hearts of the international community — every day the number of his admirers considerably increases.

to Shishi-Maher

5 cats who earn more than many

This beauty is called by Shishi Maher, and she — informal "face" of the graphic editor of Instagram. At a cat uncommon talent — every time, having seen close the camera, she fades, obviously understanding what occurs, and "poses" for the photographer.

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The lop-eared charming woman has one more distinctive feature. Shishi Maher adores sitting as the person, having extended hinder legs forward, and a back leaning against a back of a sofa or a chair.


5 cats who earn more than many

250 thousand subscribers in Instagram is not a limit for a cat of Sam living together with the owner in the USA. The white pet with the surprised black "brows" gains popularity not on days, and on hours.

The nature awarded Sam not only to original with a color, but also uncommon luck. The cat was picked up some time ago by kind people, and now he pleases society, giving to virtual people around of a wave of a positive and vital energy.


5 cats who earn more than many

The appearance of a cat quite corresponds to his unusual name. The owner of Hamilton Jay Stou tells: having seen future pet in a shelter, it just could not resist his charm and at once took away twice moustached to the house.

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The second nickname of Hamilton — a cat hipster. Today the imposing gentleman in Instagram has 815 thousand subscribers.

Mr. Pushok

5 cats who earn more than many

Mr. Pushok, he is Mr.White, it is Coffee — the favourite of visitors of Instagram and own owners. Mr. Pushok is a playful cat of the British short-haired breed with hardly noticeable strips on a white skin.

The cutie has already 2.4 million subscribers, and he is a true treasure for the owners who are daily placing new photos. But love Coffee in family, of course, not only for it.

Now you know what cats the most popular in social networks. Will not be superfluous to post a photo of your pets. Perhaps they will be able to become famous on open spaces of network.

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