• Nov 23, 2019

Before getting a cat, important not only to decide on her breed. It is necessary to know subtleties of where and as it is the best of all to get the fluffy favourite. Let's tell about some nuances to which it is necessary to pay attention before purchase.

5 councils upon purchase of a thoroughbred kitten which work

Answer with

the question "What for?"

Important accurately to understand why to you thoroughbred kitten. There are three types of thoroughbred animals depending on for what purpose of people gets him. SHOW is a type of the kittens having pronounced qualities of breed, with such pet participate in exhibitions. BREED – thoroughbred animals for breeding cultivation. PET – thoroughbred kittens who will not participate in exhibitions and not intended for cultivation. It is worth making a start from the purpose when choosing breed and the pet's type.


The thoroughbred kitten surely has to have a family tree and the certificate on origin. At cats 4th a knee family tree where breeds and titles of her parents, grandfathers and great-grandfathers have to be written down. Do not trust if the manufacturer claims that are viscous with other breeds – it is normal.

to Buy

only "from the house"

In the market or in pet-shops you do not learn how there passed the first days of life of your pet and will not see his parents. Besides in the market the healthy cat very seldom comes across, and nobody will give you guarantees that she is really thoroughbred. Most often bring kittens whom it was not succeeded to sell in other place to pet-shops. It is the best of all to buy from the checked manufacturers who are professionally engaged in cultivation of this or that breed. It is necessary to look for the manufacturer who is a member of good club. They will be able to tell you subtleties of care of your pet and most likely will sell pure breed without impurity and with all documents.

Survey of an animal

Before purchase surely check health of a kitten. He should not be sluggish, wool has to shine and lie exactly. Check purity of ears and eyes. On a body of a kitten there should be no swellings. A mouth normal pink or at some breeds black, without unpleasant smell and a yellow raid. Specify at the seller or on the Internet all signs of breed and examine an animal regarding their existence.

Before the final decision on purchase observe behavior of a kitten. He has to be active and curious, constantly interact with the environment and other cats. The kitten, aggressive in relation to relatives, can also behave and concerning people, in this case it will be necessary to form character of the pet in addition.

of the Inoculation

Specify what vaccination is already done and what are only coming. Manufacturers usually sell a dung at the age of 3-4 months when the main vaccination is already done. It is also necessary to ask documents on the pet, namely:

  • animal assessment by the expert;
  • the pet passport with the indication of inoculations;
  • a registration card of a kitten in which there are data about his genealogical producers;
  • a contact information of club to which the manufacturer belongs.

Check signs and seals on documents. Availability of the listed papers will allow you without fears to get to itself the little friend. Also you remember that we are responsible for those who were tamed.

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