• Jan 11, 2020

Cat's eyes always drew with the unusual vertical pupil attention of people. These animals see the world not as we. Was considered earlier that the visual device of a domestic cat is capable to distinguish only black and white color, but it is a lie. Scientific research allowed to reveal many new interesting data on the structure of eyes and features of sight of these graceful creations.

5 interesting facts about cat's sight, knowing which, you will understand the pet better

Blurring of the picture

The long time was considered that regardless of conditions cats are capable to see well the objects located both on big, and at small distance, however this assumption was not confirmed.

Cats accurately see only those objects which are in some distance. They perceive approximate objects is indistinct. Besides, for example, patterns on leaves or printing letters, cats distinguish fine details much worse, than people.

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See from distance about 800 meters

Eyes of a cat are arranged so that she could notice from long distance even small objects. At the same time it is necessary to consider that cats almost do not isolate a detail and better see moving objects.

These features ― result of adaptation of animals to life under natural conditions where it was required to get livelihood independently. Thanks to the special structure of eyes of a cat are capable to notice a moving mouse from distance of 800 m. If production sits next, besides not movably, then it is quite probable that it will remain unnoticed.

Is necessary six times less light

Some people mistakenly believe that cats well see in complete darkness. In fact these creations need lighting too, but it is much less, than to people.

At night cats have enough light of the moon and stars accurately to see surrounding space. It became clear that this animals for normal consideration of objects have enough of everything 1/6 parts of the world, demanded to the person.

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Near features do not distinguish

The cat has the developed sense of smell therefore for assessment of the objects appearing opposite to a muzzle she uses the scent. She sees the objects which are located at distance less than 1 m indistinctly.

Thus if the cat sits near the owner, then she is not capable to consider lines of his face. But it does not cause in her concern as she can feel a smell of the owner and distinguish it.

of an Eye glow in the dark

Because of a luminescence of eyes in the dark attribute to cats mystical properties. The similar phenomenon arises thanks to a tapetum ― to the reflective plate which is built in eyes. This element improves sight cat's at night.

The beam of light at first gets on a retina, then is reflected from a tapetum and again falls on a retina. It promotes obtaining more accurate picture even in the conditions of poor visibility. Residual gloss of a tapetum is well noticeable to the person at a view of a cat at night. More often a reflected light yellow, but it can be red, green and even violet.

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Consider these features of cat's sight at communication with the pet. For example, if you want to show something to a cat, then show an object from distance more than one meter. And as toys choose bright, moving objects: bows, balls, feathers, teasers. Their form for your favourite almost does not matter as at a short distance he will not distinguish a rubber mouse from a simple ball.

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