• Nov 4, 2019

Keeping of a cat costs owners not cheap. Every month a decent part of the family budget which can be saved is spent for the favourite pet. Skilled owners already know secrets and cunning ways to receive a discount for purchases of goods for an animal and also for services of the veterinarian. You learn from this article what useful life hacks will help to save at care of the favourite.

5 life hacks for owners of cats who will help to save on care of the favourite

Do to

free rage inoculations

One of important rules of keeping of a cat is a timely vaccination of an animal. The rage inoculation has to be put to the pet regularly, this disease is dangerous not only to it, but also to the owner.

The government of the country so seriously approached this question that issued the law on obligatory vaccination. Now owners cannot evade from inoculations, otherwise they will not be able to transport the favourite. To avoid penalties and expenditure of money, learn about the schedule of free vaccination against rage in veterinary clinics of the city. In public institution doctors are obliged to carry out this procedure to your cat free of charge. Be aware of news of clinic and register in reception.

If you do not accept free medicine, you can independently buy expensive vaccine and bring it to the doctor. He cannot refuse to you and will surely put this inoculation.

Use online consultations

Not to run to the veterinarian on each question concerning a condition of your pet use online consultation with the doctor. Modern approach will allow you to find all necessary information and at the same time not to pay fabulous money. Find for yourself the competent expert or learn about similar services at the doctor of veterinary clinic to which you address.

Often on many official sites the first address can be absolutely free. Various actions and bonus discounts which will help you to keep the family budget are also possible and to get useful tips and recommendations from the expert.

Remember that this method is desirable at small difficulties and the general questions concerning care of an animal. At emergency situations and serious diseases it is better to address to clinic not to waste precious time and at once to pass to treatment of the pet.

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for communities in social networks

Become the participant of communities about cats on social networks. Exactly here you can learn all actions, discounts, useful tips and reviews of veterinary services from the same owners of animals. In addition on similar pages announcements of sale of various accessories for cats give all the best. You will be able to receive things of high quality at low price. Also among subscribers of community there can be veterinarians who will prompt answers to some questions absolutely free of charge.

You will be aware of all events and sales concerning the contents and care of cats. Thus, it is possible to save time and the family budget. Adherents will always expose information, necessary and favorable to you.


on AliExpress

This website with goods from China will become the real find and a lifesaver for owners of cats. On it a huge number of goods for animals at low prices is presented. Just the same things on appearance and quality can be seen in all pet-shops, only already with the overstated cost.

You can order toys, bowls, kogtetochka, trays, lodges for the favourite and at the same time not to spend a large sum. The animal will be fond of new devices, and the cost of purchases will be two-three times less, than in shops of your city.

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big packing of a forage together with other owners

For food of a cat it is spent much, but also this item of expenditure can be reduced. It is more favorable to buy a forage by big packings or sets, but not to do single purchases by small packages and packs. Also most of sellers do a discount for delivery of large volume of goods.

Agree with familiar owners of animals about joint purchases of a forage. Look for adherents on the Internet, in veterinary clinic, or ask at friends. Purchase will be favorable to all, it is so possible to order every month food in large lots and not to overpay to the producer.

Always you monitor stocks and news which will help not to spend the large sums for keeping of a cat, and your pet will always be full and happy without loss in the family budget.

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