• Apr 8, 2019

our darlings and fluffy pets actually far is more difficult, than it seems to us. The device of their organism, habit and habit – at having a tail is the features which are important for knowing to everyone who has a cat.

of Kittens cannot be taken away from mother up to 4 months

It is very cruel, and in some countries is even punishable. Kids very much depend on mother and to them it will be heavy. Besides, they will not manage to learn at her the main everyday knowledge, and the immunity will suffer from lack of maternal milk.

Firm food is necessary for teeth

And to cats it is necessary to brush teeth too. It becomes by means of firm food – if the animal uses only soft forages, teeth can suffer.

to Cats is difficult to chew big pieces of food

It is all about jaws which can move only vertically. Do not torment the pet, divide food into small pieces.

of the Cat can clamber only upward

Because their claws are so arranged. For this reason fluffies who got on a tree should be saved.

of the Cat can be lefthanders

Strangely enough, but yes. It is possible to find out it if to look narrowly at what paw the cat when something digs uses more.

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