• Feb 6, 2020

Maine Coons is from America. Owners of this fluffy handsome call them just kuna. Around this breed the set of myths which often frighten off from the choice of such pet soars. But the most part from them has no confirmation as kuna a little in what differ from other cats.

5 myths about cats of breed a Maine Coon

the biggest cats in the world

At a view on the Internet of photos of people with Maine Coons who hardly are located on hands many have a representation that kuna — the largest cat breed. This statement truly half. Maine Coons, really, are included into the list of the largest domestic cats. The weight of an adult animal can reach 13 kg, and height in withers — 41 cm. But large individuals also occur among representatives of other breeds.

For example, the Norwegian forest cats quite often weigh about 9 kg, and the body weight of the British can be 10-12 kg. Also Persian cats differ in the sizes. They can brag of long wool with a dense underfur and a powerful well-muscled body. Adult individuals can weigh about 10 kg. Therefore, when comparing two representatives of large breeds, there is a probability that the specific Maine Coon will appear less, than, for example, the Siberian or British.

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Strongly fade

All cats who have wool fade, especially, if it long and with an underfur. It kuna differ in nothing from other breeds. Of course, if not to watch the pet, then a floor and all furniture in the apartment will be covered with wool and the murlyka will look not really attractively because of the formed lumps on a body. But the problem is easily solved:

  1. The fluffy pet needs to be combed out regularly. It will prevent formation of koltun and will reduce amount of wool on a floor.
  2. During an active molt (in the spring and in the fall) kuna it is necessary to bathe. It will help to get rid of the died-off wool quicker.
  3. Regular damp cleaning.

These rules need to be followed in any house where there is a cat, irrespective of her breed.

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eat Much

The appetite of Maine Coons differs in nothing from appetite of representatives of other breeds. On 1 kg of weight it is required to an animal as much of calories, as well as, for example, to British or the Bombay cat. Everything depends on animal weight. Of course, a Maine Coon with body weight in 8 kg. will eat in a month more, than any other cat whose weight does not exceed 4-5 kg. If to feed an animal with a qualitative forage (super-premium class), then there will last two-kilogram packing for a month. Quality meat therefore to an animal for obtaining necessary amount of nutrients of rather small daily portion is a part of a forage of a super-premium class.

needs to be driven often to the veterinarian

Health of pets more depends not on belonging to this or that breed, and on conditions of keeping and leaving. There are separate diseases to which concrete breeds are genetically predisposed. For example, kuna and also the British and even not purebred cats are predisposed to a cardiomyopathy. But, to exclude risk of transfer of a gene of a disease, manufacturers carry out constantly genetic tests, removing gene carriers from cultivation.

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Regular vaccination, the balanced food, the correct leaving and care of the owner is a basis of health of the representative of any breed. In the absence of any problems with health, kun, as well as other cats, it is enough to bring to the veterinarian only for routine inspection and vaccination.

Not tender

The severe look of a Maine Coon is only an external mask. Actually they are kind, tender and quiet animals. Kuna quickly become attached to the owner, with pleasure make contact with him and other family members, but at the same time are not persuasive and do not require constant attention to themselves. Like to be near the person, but on a lap prefer to a sit-round gathering a cushy job near by. To guests in the house they do not show any aggression, try not to notice strangers. Kuna, as well as any other cats, can have different character therefore the behavior of each specific individual can differ.

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