• Dec 17, 2019
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With pets a set of signs, and cats were always associated with mysticism. At the same time much attention was paid to a koshechy nose. Admirers of esoterics are sure that these mysterious beings are related to the otherworldly worlds therefore know more us. Some ancient superstitions remained and up to now.

5 national signs to which points a cat's nose as a weather vane

Cold snap

Signs about cats are widespread and little-known. Weather forecasting for these days was always very important for the person. The harvest and a possibility of carrying out economic works on the street depended on it. This belief – one of the most popular. Cats love comfort and are sensitive to a cold snap. These animals try to lay down where warmly and comfortably. It was noticed when cold weather or a bad weather is expected, they sleep, having curled up a ball and having covered the nose with a pad or a tail. It is necessary to tell, the sign really works – look narrowly at the moustached pet. He knows not less, than weather forecasters.

Onset of the illness

Cats differ in powerful sense of smell, not such strong as at a dog, but is much thinner than human. It is considered that these creations having a tail begin to sniff to breath of the person who is sick with something. He can not know about it yet and feel well, but the sensitive nose of a pet is capable to catch a difference in a smell. When your cat began to lay down often near the person and to smell air near a mouth, it is disturbing sign. It is worth going to policlinic and to check the health. Then it is possible to catch a disease at its beginning.


Our ancestors considered that moustached predictors do nothing accidentally. When the cat sneezes - it is by a rain. This sign has one more interpretation – if the animal sneezed three times in a row, it to cold or diseases of teeth. How to treat the favourite's sneeze – everyone solves. To avoid troubles with health and a campaign to the stomatologist, it is recommended to wish it to be well.

Fast wedding

People trust if the cat sneezed near couple of lovers, so they will get married soon. If sneezing happened near the bride in the wedding day, then her marriage will be happy. Of course, it only the romantic superstition which does not have under itself any logical justification. But it will be pleasant to the guy and girl dreaming of a wedding to hear it.

"Dirty" nose

Existence of a cat in the house is often connected with receiving profit and wealth. Especially it concerns animals with a black color of a nose, the cat's nose is much more often is pink. Such rare animals have to bring to the owners money and material welfare. Here such unusual property is attributed to an outstanding part of a muzzle of an animal.

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