• Dec 21, 2019
each owner wants to please
On the eve of New Year's holidays not only favourite people, but also and the pet with an original gift. It is necessary to approach the choice of a surprise with all responsibility that it not only was to the taste to your cat, but also it was useful both to it, and to you.

Toilet lodge

5 New Year's gifts which will really please a cat

The modern market offers a set of convenient and beautiful lodges toilets for cats. Pluses of such gift it is available:

  • the device is closed from all directions and disturbs a garbage raskidyvaniye on the room;
  • the cat feels more comfortably and quietly goes about the own business;
  • on the apartment the unpleasant smell does not extend.

The modern design of a lodge toilet will allow it to fit into an interior of any utility room or even the living room.

Tonkinsky cat: characteristic of breed, rule of contents

Game cover

5 New Year's gifts which will really please a cat

All know how our canine friends adore the boxes which remained from recent purchases. However after the cheerful games the owner should remove scraps and to vacuum a floor. All this can be avoided, having bought a special game cover for a cat.

Such cover is made of special material which is easily cleaned therefore no wool on it there will be. If necessary fabric can even be washed. And the set of entrances and exits will give to the pet the chance to feel in a labyrinth: cats play with pleasure and hide in it.


5 New Year's gifts which will really please a cat

If you buy an aquarium for a cat, can be sure – the pet will spend several hours a day exactly here. Water, the gurgling bubbles and, the most important, multi-colored small fishes will not leave indifferent any representative of the cat family.

O than is told you by the Universe if to the house the vagrant cat was beaten

Of course, it is necessary to take care of that the hunting instinct of your cat did not lead to troubles at the same time. The aquarium needs to be protected with dense glass. However, modern technologies allow to get that product which is necessary for you – namely "anti-vandal" in any pet-shop.


5 New Year's gifts which will really please a cat

In order that it is constant to be in a tone, massage of a muzzle, paws and a body is extremely necessary for the pet. Of course the cat can do it independently, licking lips or being rubbed by a back and sides about corners and upholstered furniture. But pets can also be helped: buy to a cat the beautiful and convenient massager.

Massagers for cats are issued different types: they can be electric and simple mechanical. The last it is even more preferable for a start: the plastic piece with thorns is attached to a leg of a table or any convex part of a wall. Animals will approach a new subject and will sniff at it, and then and will understand what the bagatelle is intended for.

What biggest cats

Clockwork mouse

5 New Year's gifts which will really please a cat

The gadget works on batteries and very plausibly moves, and external similarity to a rodent, undoubtedly, will consolidate achievements. You look only that the pet, having been fond, did not crack a toy – small particles of plastic and metal can be unsafe.

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