• Nov 20, 2019
Cats are worthy

good attitude, human care and love. Except the presence and lovely fluffy pads, they give you a lot of positive emotions. In this article we will tell how to make pets happy and happy with life, having presented them pleasant gifts and also how to help ourselves with care of the pet.

"Cat's house" from cardboard

5 original cats accessories with which it will not be boring for them

If you have big boxes of cardboard or an opportunity to get them, then is made half-affairs. Everything that needs to be made, it to think up a concept of future dwelling and to cut out it. It is possible not only make openings for windows and doors, but also, having armed with strong glue, to make a roof, a peak over an entrance and even a chimney in which the animal will be able to put out the head, watching vicinities of the dwelling. Some owners construct the whole labyrinths from boxes to impress the favourite. It is possible to make the big combined design with berths and a separate game zone. The sizes of a lodge depend on the sizes of your favourite, the cat has to be located in a lodge even if will want to sit down, take care of her comfort.

the Special grid for bathing of cats

5 original cats accessories with which it will not be boring for them

This grid is called fixing and facilitates bathing of the pet, saving you from hand scratches. The grid is very strong and has an opening for the head which is regulated by a thong. The cat can also be fixed in a grid by means of a thong after we place it inside. In some models there is an opening for paws on a lightning. When bathing when the pet resists, among other things it is possible to put on antitsarapk pads. The fixing grids will be suitable for cats up to 6 kg, they are made of strong polyester. Each owner loving the pet understands – bathing in itself is a stress for cats not to worsen a situation, it is necessary most softly and carefully treats an animal for whom you bear responsibility.

the Vacuum cleaner for fluffy cats

5 original cats accessories with which it will not be boring for them

If to speak about vacuum cleaners for wool cleaning, then absorption force will be important parameter. All vacuum cleaners of this direction very powerful and easily soak up wool even if that was trampled in a carpet. The vacuum cleaners adapted for owners of cats in addition are equipped with the coal filter which absorbs smells. The vacuum cleaners developed with emphasis on wool cleaning cope with the duty perfectly thanks to a special set of brushes and the special system of filtration. Also excellent idea – a compact brush vacuum cleaner. However so far their quality wishes to be the best.

"Aquarium" for cats

5 original cats accessories with which it will not be boring for them

Cat's breeds are very much liked to be watched everything that moves and if it at the same time shines, floats, and on taste not too bad at all – the delight at your favourite pet is provided!

If you have no desire to get an aquarium, to wash, look after its inhabitants and to clean the filter, it with ease will be replaced by a virtual aquarium. Your cat will estimate the idea to look at small fishes on the big TV. If you have an aquarium, it is enough to secure its inhabitants and access to the fluffy viewer it is possible to open. There is an option to place an aquarium on some eminence and to cover. The cover has to maintain easily the weight of a cat and to be strong. If you fix a cover, you will secure also small fishes and the curious pet for all 100 percent.

the Rustling pipe for cats

5 original cats accessories with which it will not be boring for them

The rustling or game tunnel for cats is suitable for games as indoors, and on the street. It is often made of quality nylon. This material wearproof. The rustling film of which the tunnel consists attracts interest in a game of cats. Such toy is suitable both for adult kittens and for small. The design remains steady thanks to the spiral spring holding a form. Today there is a set of models of the rustling pipes with various quantity of openings. Their sizes fluctuate: is compact, and there are also whole labyrinths. The tunnel is easily erased and conveniently it develops. On some models there are balls rattles sewn to a tunnel.

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