• Apr 2, 2019

Though the cat is considered less whimsical in leaving, in comparison with a dog – at least in the sense that does not demand constant walks, some details at care of it after all should be considered. At least, there are 5 important questions which it is necessary to answer before getting a kitten.

you have allergy

Even if you very much want yourself home a little fluffy, but you know that you have a severe allergy to wool, refrain better. You do not feel all completeness of pleasure of communication with the pet and if you have to give it then, it for the kid will be very traumatic.

after it

A cat, eventually, not a decorative product, but the living being and as any creation, at it has requirements. For example, the cat wants in a toilet. And still wants a cat.

you Are ready to bring up it

It follows from the previous point. You do not want to see the peeled sofas in the apartment and to feel a smell, sharp and not most pleasant in the world, you should make efforts for informing of it your pet.

you Are ready to spend money for it

It is necessary. At least on a forage. Moreover, the pet will need constant visits to the veterinarian, inoculations and expenses in case of if the small animal suddenly gets sick.

you Are ready to love it

And despite all nuances, cares and difficulties with the pet, it needs to be loved. It is in it very in great need.

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