• Dec 28, 2019

Douche or spraying of a cat water from a spray – a widespread, but inefficient way of education. There is a reason or it is absent – such behavior in relation to cat's unacceptably, and on it there are both quite logical, and superstitious reasons.

5 reasons never to pour over a cat water

itself Can truncate life

In some countries, for example, in England, there is a sign – if someone pours over a cat water for no apparent reason or purposely, then his life is reduced half. If it is done by the small child, then the sign warns – the child can not live up to mature age.

Is afraid of water

Actually, cats are not afraid of water – they do not love it for the instinctive reasons. Wet wool exudes a smell which reveals an animal both for potential production, and for predators.

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Besides, damp wool – a cause of infringement of thermal control and entrance gate for an infection and dirt. The animal is instinctively protected from water in every way. The meeting with water causes a stress which any living being in a healthy state tries to avoid in a cat.

Loss of trust

As wet wool causes discomfort and a stressful state in cats, splashing in it water undermines its trusting relationship to you. Cats very clever animals capable to catch communication between many things.

If you intentionally enter the favourite into a condition of a stress, so you can make it once again. The animal ceases to trust as it expects from the owner of the worst including pains.

Educational problems

Splashing by water in a cat even in the educational purposes – not the best decision.

of the Forage of the Grandorf company for cats: types and features

First, at a cat the thought is fixed that it is impossible to do something only in the presence of the owner. Secondly, it can cause response, very aggressive. The cat will continue to do the action in the absence of the owner, at her will not be postponed reactions to the action ban.

Not supported with undesirable action, made of curiosity or just like that, douche by water causes offense and disappointment in a cat.

Cats very vindictive and sensitive animals, they will easily nurse a grievance, will begin to show aggression to the owner in response to similar action, or will begin to be afraid and avoid simply the owners as potential threat.

Can ache

Cat's wool has a good air layer which protects skin from overheating and freezing.

Began with also techka duration at cats

Wet wool of such layer is deprived, densely adjoins to a body, breaking heat exchange. The animal begins to freeze and can easily get sick as temperature in the room or the house for cat's very low in comparison with their own.

There is an overcooling, decrease in immunity and, as a result, catarrhal diseases up to heavy pneumonia.

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