• Dec 28, 2019

Sometimes domestic cats behave extremely funny, but not always the owner can understand behavior of the pet and it is correct to interpret his habits. For example, cat's feature "to dig in" food.

The Cat a Paw Climbs in an Orange Bowl with Food


Living in a certain territory any animal leaves behind own smell therefore instinctively it tries "to dig" it. More often it is characteristic of those who were picked up from the street, they can have fear of lack of food and a habit of constant search of food. The cat perceives members of household as competitors therefore she hides delicacy that they did not find it and did not eat.

Also she covers up tracks, providing conditions for hunting. At the same time she understands that its potential production, without having felt others dangerous smell, can without fear be nearby and to be easily caught for lunch.


The pet digs in food or the remains of food also in that case when it was sated. That delicacy was not gone, the cat hides it for later. Having got hungry, she will be able to approach a bowl at any time, "to dig out" the stock to satisfy hunger and to regale.

Began with also techka duration at cats

More often pregnant cats act this way. Their maternal instinct induces to stock up with food for the future posterity on a case of unsuccessful hunting.


Ancestors of cats lived in the wild nature and acted according to a self-preservation instinct. Therefore even at a domestic cat this behavior model remained. It digs in the food remains not to draw attention of possible predators to the delicacy.

If it hides the place of storage of food, then unexpected guests will not feel an appetizing savor, will not come unexpectedly to its territory and will not attack a cat or kittens. Therefore, "digging in" bowl contents, the four-footed favourite seeks to ensure safety to himself and the cubs.

was not pleasant

The cat family is choosy to a food allowance. As the reason of "burying" food serves the discontent with tastes of a dish. The tasteless forage is associated at the pet with excrement which it digs in in a tray therefore so the cat tries to get rid of unnecessary. Also the pungent smell of a forage can not be pleasant.

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Perhaps, the cat was not hungry and decided to leave food before the following meal. The lack of appetite can be caused by a stress or lack of mood. If you replaced a forage to the favourite, safely regard disposal of food as a protest. Having tasted tasty delicacy at least once, the animal will hardly want to eat poor food and will precisely state you disapproval concerning the offered entertainment.

It is entertaining that the behavior of a cat can be caused also in a root by opposite desire: your pet is hungry. To show that it is hungry, the cat scrapes paws a floor at a bowl, imitating process of digging out of stocks to reach food and to satisfy hunger.

of the Claim to a bowl

Cats extremely clean animals therefore indignation concerning the maintenance of its bowl can be the cause of burying food. Ware for food can not please by the size, a form or material. Happens that the pet does not like a bowl smell, or he will consider it insufficiently clean. Perhaps and the fact that the cat estimates the place of acceptance of food as dirty.

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Feeling disgust, food is perceived as a garbage and the animal digs in an entertainment, getting rid about it, as of garbage. In a bowl of your favourite there should not be leftovers after last meal. And if with hygiene of ware for food everything is all right, then try to change the place of feeding, there is a probability that your fluffy friend does not feel safe when feeding and because of discomfort refuses food.

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