• Feb 13, 2020

Practically all cats prefer to sleep with the owners, being at them on pillows, in legs, or filling up near. Much very much like such behavior of a pet which seems very natural. Let's tell about the reasons why cats act this way.

5 reasons why cats sleep with owners

With you is warm

If your favourite generally likes to sleep with you during the cold period of time, then it is just attracted with what near you is warm. And cats difficult transfer cold therefore look for places more warmly. Often these places are on the owner's bed.

And for a bed it is very soft that attracts the pet.

Began to smell

Pets from the very beginning study your smell, and then gradually get used to it. For them it something native. They feel safe, being near you, feeling your presence on your smell.

As to the owner to understand character of a cat on her physiology

Cats possess very sensitive nervous system. It seems to you that the most part of day they sleep, but actually, they just doze. All the matter is that from-zas a voy fragile system, they feel not in safety far from you therefore the full-fledged dream for them is alien. For this reason at nightfall the animal looks for a bed of the person on a smell to feel in safety and to fall asleep.


Though cats do not show the love to the person as it is done by dogs, but they become attached to people too. They miss you when you go for work, to shop. And very much rejoice when you to them come back home.

Because of the attachment dumb animals love spends time with us, to be near us, to look for our caress, love and attention. Even more these feelings are shown with nightfall. For the loving animal there is nothing better, than to fall asleep near the favourite owner.

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Since ancient times was considered that cats are directly connected with mysticism and otherworldly force. They have improbable energy which will be able to save the person from some illnesses. Observe your pet. If he comes to you at night and lays down nearby, but does it sometimes then, he wants to cure you of some disease that disturbs you.

And can be for all day in you so much negative of which it is necessary to get rid collected, and you are helped with it by your fluffy friend. The next morning you with guarantee will feel inflow of energy and a positive. And all bad will remain far behind. Here such here curative magic.


As cats possess very brittle nervous system, it is necessary to make thrifty use of them. If the owner cares for the fluffy friend, shows love, then the pet feels safely near the person. The most important for an animal is to feel tranquility. And a quiet dream is what cats and cats adhere to.

Fluffy employee of the center of studying of cat's food

To get enough sleep, the animal needs to find the safe town, and it finds it, as a rule, near the darling. You should not expel a cat from a bed even if to you to some extent it is not comfortable. Try to get used to him, he very much loves you, and wants to be in the bosom of the family.

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