• Dec 5, 2019

exists Not one century kind custom to let into the house a cat before to lodge in it. The pet by all means has to enter the first, and all family members cross already then a threshold. Barsiki and Murki are awarded such honor thanks to the mystical qualities helping to organize happy life on the new place. Let's tell about it in more detail.

5 reasons why into the new house of the first let a cat

Drive friendship with otherworldly forces

It is considered that cats are able to come into contact with otherworldly entities. If the evil spirits located in new housing, then the animal can agree, ask with it that did not prevent to grow roots and did not offend new settlers. At the same time especially harmful ghosts will be expelled by the fearless pet and will not glance to the house any more.

Well gets on with the brownie

Cats and brownies – longtime friends. The brownie on beliefs drives to the house on a back at an animal and together with it participates in mental arrangement of a home. If about this being to forget, it can take offense and do different troubles. And it is alone difficult for cat to protect you from misfortunes.

On the first all cones

An opportunity to cross a threshold the first though honourable, but dangerous. On signs the one who the first comes into the house, causes fire on himself. All energetically harmful that is in the new apartment, falls upon the head of "pioneer". Here also let in at first a poor cat. However, moustached it is not bad armed. The main thing that he does not know about our signs, so, it is psychologically protected from their influence. Besides, to a cat is not present equal in fight against evil spirit. Therefore, the pioneer's mission to him is not so dangerous, as to the person.

Will take away all negative energy

The sensor system of cats is arranged more thinly, than human. They feel where there are power breaks on the Earth's surface and precisely guess harmful places. If the animal is equipped in a certain corner, means there guaranteed safely. Besides the rank of the house psychics able to absorb negative energy and to transform it to a positive is assigned to them.

Prosperity ahead of owners

A cat not only the defender from powers of darkness and evil entities, but also a symbol of prosperity and financial wellbeing of family. Entering the first the house, it brings with itself monetary good luck and prosperity. To turn out the pet – it is all the same that own hands to lose material luck.

If you have no cat, then moving to new housing – a good occasion to get her. It is necessary to pay attention that Murka is necessary personal, but not hired in the agency of household services for money. Of course, if you have an allergy, or there are other good reasons, also the hired cat will descend. As a last resort, it is enough also the picture with the image of a cat. But the protective effect is stronger from own native pet.

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