• Dec 30, 2019

Owners of cats notice from time to time that their pet drinks flowing water from under the crane. Some owners are even seriously concerned about it, the cat ignores water in a bowl and constantly demands to open the crane. For such behavior of a cat there are several good reasons.

5 reasons why the cat likes to drink water from under the crane and ignore a bowl with water

is colder

Water in a bowl during the day gets room temperature. It is not pleasant to cats, by nature they are created by wild predators. In the wild nature they drink cold water from streams therefore the settled liquid loses the taste. And water from the crane colder, so – tasty and useful, according to a cat.

Try to outwit the pet – put couple of cubes of ice in a bowl. It will help liquid will remain fresh and cool longer.

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is cleaner

Cats very fairly clever animals, they are able to do conclusions. And in their little heads there is an accurate definition – flowing water cleaner and is fresher, than that that costs in a bowl.

For this reason of a cat like to drink from dog bowls or big buckets. It seems to them that the more capacity, the more purely there liquid. And the small bowl reminds a small pool from which it is necessary to drink from hopelessness.

Is amused

The flowing water jet looks attractively also because allows a cat to play with it. Many animals not just drink, but touch it a pad, splash in the parties or even substitute under it a part of the head.

Some make most with a bowl too, regularly spilling liquid on a floor. But the majority is absolutely indifferent to a bowl, unlike the crane from which flows clean waters with light patches of light, drawing attention of moustached predators.

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Instinctive behavior

One more reason of love to flowing water is in centuries-old instincts cat's. They drank many hundreds of years from fresh streams and the rivers. All animals of the wild nature have a natural instinct which says that flowing water fresh, and from standing sources it is possible to get poisoned.

Let cats already for many years live near the person, eat a tinned forage from banks and sleep on a warm bed, but they still had lines of former, wild predators. For this reason they will always prefer water from under the crane to a bowl. As an alternative serves the drinking fountainlet or an automatic drinking bowl. It pumps over water via the system of filters constantly, imitating a natural streamlet.

Hearing is developed better than sight

It is known that cats incredibly well hear. They are capable to hear rustling of a mouse for several meters. Their sight also excellent, but hearing – something improbable. The stream from under the crane pleasantly murmurs, drawing attention of cat's. It does such water even more attractive.

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But it is necessary to be careful with liquid from the crane, especially in the large cities. It is processed by the disinfecting substances or it will appear with too high content of mineral salts. And if the animal feels a bleaching powder smell and will refuse to drink, then the cat will not feel too hard water. And it can become a source of stones in kidneys and lead to death of an animal.

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