• Dec 15, 2018

all owners having a tail. What forces your favourite to jump on all apartment on joy to you and neighbors?

He wants to play

At your cat there is too much energy and he draws attention. He wants that you kept it the company or at least just abandoned to it a ball.

He wants

on the street

If the cat knows what is walk, he can ask thus on the street. And still such behavior is characteristic of cats who ask a cat.

something hurts it

The wound, a splinter or a bruise can result in such behavior too. If you noticed wrong, surely examine the favourite and if necessary bring him to the veterinarian.

it could have a stroke

It is very serious problem and demands urgent intervention. It is possible to assume it if the cat beats about the bush.

At it of a problem with nervous system

And, at last, very serious occasion to pay attention to the pet – problems with nervous system. If the cat jumps aside or afraid of you, it can signal including about rage. Surely address the expert.

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