• Dec 24, 2019

Some habits of moustached creations seem strange for owners. There is a bewilderment – or the animal tries to be malicious, or with it not everything is all right. One of such strangenesses – to pull out food from a bowl on a floor.

5 reasons why your cat pulls out food from a bowl and are on a floor


Moustaches at cats are called vibrisa and are an organ of touch. It means that in them there is a large number nervous the termination. At consumption of food from ware, especially if it not the most convenient form, occurs the irritation causing feeling of discomfort. It forces the pet to take out a paw food pieces from a bowl, and in certain cases at all to refuse its reception.

Improper bowl

Capacity for a cat's forage also plays an important role in food. In frequent attempts to pull out food probability is high that the bowl too narrow, wide or deep and to an animal is directly from a floor much more comfortably.

Why so are pleasant to cats various boxes

It is also important that ware was clean because the dried-up remains of food can begin to exude unpleasant smells that causes irritation and rejection in a pet.


The reason which has the deep roots which are going back to a wild condition of a domestic cat. As they belong to predators, in them there lives unconscious desire to hide production (food) in a secluded corner and to enjoy its consumption alone.

The similar situation arises when several pets live in the apartment. Here again the preservation instinct, and attempt to save production joins even if animals live in peace with each other.

Too large pieces

A cat not the dog is also not able to break off large pieces of food. Therefore it can get parts, too large for it, on a floor for further comfortable absorption. The similar situation is observed when feeding by natural food. Can be an exit:

  • crushing of food;
  • transition to dry feeds;
  • use of the packaged or preserved foods.
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The excessive love to the pet and connivance to all its whims leads to emergence of pamperedness. In this case as the special case of manifestation of this negative line is attempts to play with food, pulling out it from a bowl.

The same situation is observed when the cat is full. An exit – to revise serving size.

In the wild nature an animal, especially if it does not hunger, before food plays with production. Despite house accommodation, an instinct in certain cases can prevail.

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