• Jan 7, 2020
long since connected

of Cats with magic and otherworldly forces. The signs connected with these animals cover all spheres of human life: house, love, finance and health. Superstitions often depend on an animal color, and the most known of them about black cats, and in vain – striped have not smaller influence on human life.

5 signs about striped cats who bring good luck

of Change

The national sign says: if the black cat steals a march, wait for a trouble. And here the unexpected meeting of a fin whale promises changes in life.

What changes wait for the one on whom the striped cat stole a march, it is possible to understand, having looked narrowly at the drawing on an animal skin. If white strips prevail, positive changes approach. Black strips say: it is worth preparing for troubles. A large number of red strips foretells empty efforts and minor, small changes – nothing serious.

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Light tip of a tail

The light tip of a tail foretells completion of all undertakings and overcoming all difficulties. The person who met such cat can be sure that he made the correct decisions. The striped friend with a white tip of a tail in the house gives to the owner of confidence and helps to solve problems quickly and effectively.

At many cats of such color on a forehead it is possible to see letter "M" which is written out accurately. If to trust legends, it means "wisdom".

To a pacification

Striped cats have one common feature – they are peaceful and quiet, steady against stresses and changes. These properties are transferred also to the owner of such pet. Such animals bring stability, a pacification and emotional balance.

Fin whales prophesy to women success in love and attract prosperity to the house.

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Such cat will never give himself in offense, but in him there is no rancor, he will better forget and will forgive.

Change of life to the best

Strips promise changes. If to pick up the favourite of such color on the street, changes precisely will be to the best.

If the person is not ready to change the vital abutment even towards improvements, it is better to bring the pet of monophonic coloring. Because anyway the habitual rhythm of life will begin to change.

Choose a cat with softer color combinations, then changes will be smooth and surely good.

Pleasant surprises

If the person is a favourite of a cat, then it is waited by success. Very good sign – to feed striped homeless cats. Such actions will lead to pleasant surprises. It can be unexpected income, a pleasant meeting with the longtime friend or a romantic surprise.

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Animals always bring joy to the house. And if you want that your house was filled with a cosiness, happiness and joy, surely bring the striped friend there.

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