• Dec 30, 2018

How to define intellectual potential of your favourite? Everything is simple – look at it for these 5 signs.

the Cat adheres to the strict schedule

It concerns a dream, food and a toilet. And not you impose this mode, and a kitty.

the Cat will not begin to eat with

the spoiled food

Or that to it not to liking. Instead she will show in every possible way displeasure, and can even turn a bowl.

5 signs that you have very clever cat

the Cat does not allow to touch herself others

She perfectly recognizes family members, and only to them allows to caress herself. Treats strangers with mistrust.

the Cat distinguishes aromas

Household, food or perfumery. All of them cause in it various emotions, from positive to negative.

the Cat with mistrust belongs to unfamiliar things

It creeps to them and accurately touches a paw, trying to define the nature and the nature of an unfamiliar thing and also to understand what from it to wait for.

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