• Jan 15, 2019

is happiness. Or not? We packed 5 things which aelurophiles that all those who have no kitty yet did not cease to envy them hold back.

you will cease to sleep

Because at your cat there are a lot of affairs at night. For example, she will remember that she was not on the topmost shelf long ago, and very much will be indignant with the fact that you put the vase there.

you very much early will wake up

Because the kitty will want to eat. Or to drink. Both exactly at 6 in the morning, and in any way differently. And in general to you all the same soon for work, she thinks of you.

you will change color of clothes

If you love total-black in clothes why then got a white kitty? Are guilty. However, so it is even better. Perhaps, sometime cat's hair on clothes will even become fashionable.

you will pass

to artificial plants

Because it is necessary to thrust something in that pot where earlier your favourite ficus grew? So far it was not dug out, of course.

In your house will be a little less wires

Because wires – from the equipment, and the technician – it is harmful. Eventually, your kitty thinks of you, and is afraid of all this radiation. And unless she is guilty what it is so pleasant to gnaw wires?

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