• Feb 10, 2020

of the Cat – very sensitive and emotional animals who, as well as people, can be depressed. That to prevent it, the owner should pay more often attention to the favourite and to learn about five simplest and common causes of developing of a cat's depression.

5 things which cause a depression in a cat

Change of a diet

Cats captious and selective animals: they quickly get used to the diet offered them initially and in attempt of its change have a severe stress. They difficult get used to new dishes, can refuse meal. The cat loses interest in food, her mood becomes apathetic or nervous. Therefore you should not change sharply a diet, but if it is necessary to make it, then it is necessary to enter new products and forages it is dosed and gradually, without causing concern.

of the Disease

If the cat got sick and feels bad, then can tell the following signs in behavior about it: strange miaow with low notes or rumbling, aggression and fear, constant desire to hide, avoiding of contact with the owner, a long dream, change of appetite.
It is impossible to ignore similar symptoms, the cat will not tell that to her it is bad. The animal can show the pain and alarm only behavior. The disease is a frequent reason of apathy and a depression.

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It is the procedure very widespread and usual for perception of the person, there is nothing dangerous in such operation. But such intervention in an organism of an animal leads both to change of a hormonal background, and to reorganization of work of all organism. Therefore reaction to similar things is various. At someone adaptation takes place easily and imperceptibly, and someone transfers hard and depressively intervention in the organism. In any of these cases it is worth surrounding the favourite still with great attention, to show it that you are ready to overcome together with it such difficulty and to help to adapt to a new way of life. Also the request for councils to the veterinarian will be not superfluous, the caress and attention not always completely cure a mental condition of the pet.

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Noisy guests

Cats are vulnerable animals, they do not accept violence over themselves. And if their owner – the fan often to have fun and call guests who behave is noisy, the animal begins to have a stress, desire to hide as it is possible further, sometimes becomes aggressive and can be depressed or nervous breakdown. Cats do not love noise and sometimes painfully treat a large number of foreign people in the territory, they consider it invasion into their personal space. It is not necessary to ignore it, pets have the right for life, full and habitual for them.


If you got a kitten, then it is worth remembering that not only stable feeding and shadowing health are important components of his happy life. Cats are sociable and mobile animals who cannot be disregarded. If you work hard or often for a long time leave the house, then the pet begins to miss strongly, becomes sluggish, sad, can even lose interest in food. Therefore how the owner was busy, the cat needs to pay at least once in day attention, to play with her, to allow to lie down on a lap if she aspires to it.

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There is a mass of cat's toys which and in your absence have to be in free access. Also it is necessary to get a kogtetochka. Cats like to climb somewhere and to watch the events from above, various cat's lodges for this purpose are on sale. In general try to give to the pet, it is as much as possible attention, especially if there is not a lot of free time, and organize to it leisure in the absence.

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