• Oct 8, 2019

When the person gets a pet, he undertakes heavy responsibility. Therefore it is necessary to draw close attention to behavior of pets – especially if it differs from its usual. The refusal of a cat of food can signal about serious problems in an organism.

5 unevident reasons for refusal of a cat of food


A lot of things can bring the pet to a stress state. For example, it can be moving (or just a trip somewhere for a while), emergence in the house of new animals or people, the new owner and still a large number of the various reasons.

The maximum term during which starvation by it will not do much harm, – one day. If the animal later continues to refuse day food, – it is better to address the veterinarian.

The long refusal of food in such situations speaks about a heavy deep stress of which independently the cat will hardly be able to get out.


As well as to people, cats inconveniently and painfully to chew food in a case of teeth and gums.

The scale at cats is capable to provoke inflammation of gums and thereof loss of teeth.

To avoid similar situations, it is regularly necessary to clean cat's teeth from a stone in veterinary clinics and also by means of the special delicacies which are well influencing the pet's teeth.

Change of a diet

Having decided to replace a forage, habitual for the cat, many owners can face an unexpected problem – he will refuse to eat it.

It can be caused as those that new food is valid not to taste to a cat, and it will hardly be able to be pleasant to it further, and the fact that he just refuses unusual or simply is manufactured.

To understand in what a problem, in character of a cat or it is valid in a stern, several days are rather simple to observe it. And even if being hungry the pet will avoid the bowls, it is worth giving preference to other forage.

should Change food gradually, allowing a cat to get used to it.

of the Flea

Emergence in a cat of fleas can lead to a severe stress, and owing to what, to refusal of food.

Fleas constantly move on a body of an animal and bite it. Because of it the cat begins to feel uncomfortablly: constantly scratches, tearing apart skin, at it wool can drop out.

All this brings the pet to a state of a painful stress therefore it is regularly necessary to examine a cat regarding presence of these wreckers and to quickly carry out treatment.

a detergent Smell from a bowl

At cats the sense of smell is very developed. They are capable to feel the delicate aromas which the person can not notice. Therefore the pungent chemical smell is capable to beat off the pet even has a desire from its bowl.

That to avoid it, try to minimize amount of detergent when washing bowls.

In most cases if to wash a bowl at once after the pet ate, – in detergent there is no need.

Good and regular food – pledge of the happy and healthy pet. The need for food – one of their main requirements therefore if the cat refuses food, it is necessary to look for immediately the reason of it and to take necessary measures.

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