• Oct 13, 2019

Domestic cats, as well as other representatives of cat's, are very clean and carefully look after themselves. Owners often observe how the pet having a tail gnaws claws or even sucks a paw. In article we will tell why cats do it.

5 unevident reasons why the cat gnaws claws and sucks a paw

Sosatelny reflex

At each kitten in a few minutes after the birth the sosatelny reflex is shown. Thanking this unconditioned reflex kids are capable to eat mother's milk. Little kittens depend on mother: she feeds them, looks after them and gradually enters into the "big" world. Sucking for a kitten is not only a way of receiving food, but also tactile contact with a cat mother. Saturation by milk is followed by feeling of tranquility and security. Early the kittens separated from mother are not ready to independent life yet, from change of a situation at them the steady stressful state can develop. As a result for self-complacency the kitten can suck the paws. Natural fading of a sosatelny reflex happens by 5-6 months of life of a kitten. But the addiction can remain – at stressful situations the young animal can suck wool on a paw.

Sign of satisfaction

After a tasty lunch the cat most often is accepted to the toilet. Washing, laying of a hair on a back, sides and a tummy, manicure on claws. Manifestation of care of itself is sign of satisfaction. When the cat is full and happy – it is possible and to think of beauty. In case your animal gnaws the claws after a meal, there are no reasons for concern.


At stressful situations of a cat gnaw the claws too and suck paws. Can cause a stress in a cat:

  • your guests with whom the cat is not familiar;
  • new family members;
  • moving to other house or apartment;
  • one more pet in the house;
  • loss of the friend – one more cat;
  • a trip on transport;
  • visit to veterinary clinic.

As a rule, after elimination of the reasons of a stress, the cat will cease to pay special attention to the claws. In case the stressful situation long – emergence in family of the child, change of the residence, then is required to a pet more time for adaptation. Find for it more time, play with it, talk. Perhaps, it is necessary to give to a cat soothing.

Irritation of skin

One more serious reason for diligent licking of paws and claws – various irritations of skin. It can be an itch from allergic reactions, avitaminosis, fungal or infectious defeat, stings of insects. In this case a pokusyvaniye of the skin or claws the cat tries to get rid of unpleasant feelings, but the situation only worsens. Healthy places from stings are injured, begin inflammatory processes, suppurations. At emergence of similar symptoms consultation of your veterinarian is necessary.

Genetic predisposition

Your cat gnaws claws? But it is genetic predisposition. How differently will the cat support the claws in perfect tune? Claws grow, and the top layer becomes friable, exfoliating over time. For maintenance of sharpness of claws of a cat use kogtetochka, a soft upholstery of a sofa, or just skusyvat teeth the top cover of a claw. It is recommended to check the pet's claws once a month and in case of need to cut the become lifeless tips. This procedure will save the fluffy favourite from frequent care of claws by means of teeth.

To bite and gnaw the claws, to suck a paw is for cats quite usual situation, connected or with ukhodovy procedures, or calming. At persuasive licking it is worth checking pads of an animal and at any inflammatory signs to consult with the expert. If paws and claws without visible damages, then the reasons for concern are not present, your favourite excessively cares for purity.

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