• Jan 12, 2020

of the Cat like to climb above, to hide far away and, of course, properly to get enough sleep. Quite often for such purposes they use a master's case with clothes. A half of linen at the same time will depart on a floor, because of it closely to lie on the shelf, and everything that will not fall to a floor, will be covered with a kind layer of cat's wool. Generally, it is necessary to disaccustom to these hooligan affairs of a cat.

5 ways to disaccustom a stubborn cat to climb in a case and to arrange there


Cats do not love loud and sharp sounds. These animals are always accurate and try to go silently therefore the repeating roar or cotton will allow to take away the pet from a case.

Take a can, for example, from under coffee or tea. Fill in it something metal: bolts, washers, paper clips, hairpins, keys. The main thing that contents were proportional bank and loudly ringed.

Establish to bank on a regiment in a favourite case so that when opening a door of bank fell down from the shelf and roared. Only do not think highly to bank very much that when falling it could not do much harm to a cat.

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Having few times poked into a case and having received such unpleasant surprise, your cat for certain will choose to herself other place for a halt.


The scent of a cat, though concedes dog, but nevertheless much more sharply than human. There are smells which cats do not transfer:

  • onions;
  • garlic;
  • vinegar;
  • alcohol;
  • seasonings and spices;
  • lavenders;
  • citrus.

Of course, not everything from the above-mentioned will be suitable for processing of a case, also it will not be pleasant to you if things become permeated with the smell of garlic, but here, for example, to put a sack with a lavender on the favourite cat's shelf quite perhaps, or crusts of tangerines.

Having glanced in the "flavored" case, the cat will hardly want to be late there, at the same time to your things and mol will not poke, she hates these smells too.

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Protection against children

The best way to disaccustom a cat to a case ― to make an entrance simply inaccessible. Considering cunning mind and dexterous pads of the favourite, means of protection from children will help to cope with this task.

On counters of shops a set of similar devices: there are magnetic, is on a glue basis. It is possible to buy them in children's departments or furniture salons, such as IKEA.

to Get a cat's lodge

Perhaps, your cat lacks personal space, the cozy vacation spot or the reliable shelter that nobody disturbed during sleep.

Get or make with own hands a cat's lodge and place it so that children or other pets could not get it. It is quite probable that desire to get into a case will disappear at a cat by itself.

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to Free one shelf

If the thirst for a master's case is very strong, and no methods help, then just allocate to a cat her favourite shelf. Remove the things from there, put an old sweater or the curtailed blanket: despite existence of own fur coat, cats prefer to lie on soft and lukewarm. Your pet will be very grateful to you.

Do not abuse a cat for a habit to climb in a case, hardly it will take effect. Try to take a detached view of a problem of the favourite better and to solve it so that both parties were happy.

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