• Dec 11, 2019

of the Cat differ in willfulness and quite difficult character. At the same time they very much become attached to the owner, and therefore become extremely susceptible to his behavior, intonation and gestures. And still cats can take offense. Strongly and for a long time. To reconcile with the favourite, the person should show a maximum of diplomatic abilities.

5 ways to reconcile with the offended cat

to Give

to it time

Time — the best assistant to improve the relations with the taken offense cat. For this reason it is necessary to allow an animal to cool down, otherwise aggression is inevitable. If the attempt of communication terminates in flight — you should not pursue. There will pass a little time, and the cat will admit you to herself again.

It is only necessary to choose a right moment when it is in kind mood and to start talking the quiet, calming tone. In spite of the fact that cats do not understand words, they very thinly feel mood through intonation, gestures and a mimicry. It is necessary to move smoothly, but not to sneak and also to avoid sharp movements. It is possible to wink slowly at the favourite — she will apprehend this gesture as the sign of reconciliation. And then to try to stroke gently on the head, cheeks and behind ears.


Favourite delicacy — one of the best ways to make amends before a cat. It is desirable to offer it from a hand as so the animal will feel your love again, will like heat and trust. But if the offense is so deep that the cat persistently does not wish to approach the owner, hiding under a sofa or in a case — it is necessary to put an entertainment on a floor nearby that she could guess it.

Cat's mint

Cat's mint is an unusual plant which allows to correct behavior of a pet. Its smell helps an animal to get rid of aggression, to become quieter and appeasable. A secret is that the plant contains special radio substance (непеталактон) which aroma is capable to influence nervous system. To calm an animal, it is possible to enclose a small bunch of mint under a stove bench, or to take in hand and to try to come nearer. And then — to start gentle strokings and heart-to-heart talks.

New toy

A game — a great way to help a cat to switch from nervousness, fear and offense to curiosity and natural desire "to hunt". And therefore the new toy will become an excellent reason for rapprochement. The main thing — is obligatory to participate in entertainments, in every possible way drawing attention of a cat. If the animal not really likes to play, it is possible to use cunning, having placed near a toy of a little cat's mint. At the same time it is necessary to work without fanaticism not to allow exhaustion and overexcitation from too active games.

Confidential conversation

Joint pastime — the best award for a pet. The visual contact and tender intonation will help it to forget all offenses and again to feel master's care and love. For this reason it is desirable to find for a cat more time, taking her with itself on a sofa and gently stroking during reading the book or viewing of the movie. And still — not to forget to praise, tender tone speaking about what she is a clear head and the beauty.

Making any attempts of reconciliation, it is important not to show excessive persistence. But also you should not leave a cat offended long time also as it can lead to obsessional disturbing neurosis, neurosis and even a depression.

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