• Dec 22, 2019

For most of owners of cats New year is not only cheerful holiday, but also time when it is necessary to think over in what way to protect a New Year tree from encroachments of the pet. Cats as a rule show to it keen interest: strive to dump on a floor or to leave without bright toys. How to save a fir-tree from a cat, and a cat from a New Year's tree we will tell further.

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to Choose the successful place

The fir-tree needs to be put in the place, free from furniture. Thanks to observance of this simple recommendation the predator will have no opportunity to jump on a tree from above. If you have no opportunity to find favorable arrangement, then there is other way of solving the problem. The edge which is brought most closer to furniture or other surface has to contain a minimum of toys and garlands. In case of the attack, the animal will break nothing and will not be wounded.

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to Use essential oil

Cats very much are afraid of steady citrus smells. For safety of your Christmas decoration spray on the basis of essential oil will become good protection. Spray plentifully a fir-tree from a top to the bottom. Thanks to firmness of aroma of orange or a lemon, such means will create the atmosphere of a holiday and will frighten off the pet. If you have no opportunity to buy spray, the peel from fruit quite will approach. Do not throw out cleaning of oranges, lemons and tangerines. Just it is necessary to scatter a citrus around a fir-tree. This way is not less effective, however is much cheaper.

to Use a foil

One more method to limit access of cats to the New Year's beauty: plentifully wind a tree trunk with a foil. Thanks to it the pet will not be able to be hooked by claws for a fir-tree and подлезть from below. Such way will not spoil appearance of a fir-tree, and on the contrary, the foil will reflect transfusion of sparks.

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Each owner of a pet can tell with confidence what his favourite is afraid of. It also needs to be used to secure New Year's attributes. The vacuum cleaner, a broom or a slipper need to be put under a tree. If this subject of the small size, then it is worth placing it in a visible place. Such method will beat off at all desire at a cat to approach close.

Is dressed up correctly

It is also necessary to decorate a Christmas tree correctly: mentally we divide a fir-tree into 3 parts, we begin to decorate it from above. We use plastic spheres and toys, we wind with tinsel the top and middle part. The lower part (about 1/3) remains without jewelry. In order to avoid injuries refuse existence of glass attributes. Also you should not use tinsel rain because at its ingestion the animal can have problems with digestion.

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