• Feb 5, 2020

to Get a kitten is very heavy responsibility, at the same time you get new duties: care, leaving, education of the pet. Let's tell in our article about the basic principles to which it is necessary to adhere at education of a little kitten that he grew a clever and happy cat.

6 basic principles of education of a kitten

the Praise – a bargaining chip

To what you taught a kitten – praise him for achievements. For example, he independently found a way to a tray, therefore, you should not disregard it. It is necessary to show the positive sign of encouragement: to stroke or give delicacy. It concerns not only a campaign in a tray, but also another less important issues. Thanks to such actions the pet will understand further how it is correct to do to please the owner.

there Is no

to punishments

No disorders in life of a kitten should be. It is impossible to beat, raise the voice, to frighten, close in the room or to deprive of food as punishment. For example, the kitten descended in a toilet in not put place while you were not. You saw it and first of all want to teach a good lesson him, having buried him a nose in a mistake. To take measures already late because he will not understand any more what it is abused for, and will only be frightened. It is necessary to work at once as soon as the pet was guilty. As option – to sprinkle a little on it water. Regular signals will allow it to realize that in his behavior led to it.

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Intonation of a voice

How we talk and what emotions we put in the speech, cats perfectly read out. The aggressive tone will frighten off a kitten, and fervent, on the contrary, will attract. To let know that you are located to it, it is only enough to talk to him quietly. If the pet pleased you, then it is possible to express your satisfaction by means of intonation. It will imprint in his memory. When the kitten does something inadmissible, you should not shout, in this case it is necessary to make tone angry. The kitten instantly realizes in what business that will give it an incentive for the termination of such actions.

Separate berth

The well-mannered cat will not begin to climb on a bed, a sofa or a chair in search of the place for a dream if you from small age provide it own corner. If there it is pleasant to a kitten, then from now on it will be his place in which he will spend the most part of the time. It is possible to pick up the place taking into account its interests. If at a kitten the favourite corner was already outlined, then equip to it all conveniences.

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For safety of furniture and wall-paper it is desirable to get a kogtetochka. With its help cats not only sharpen claws, but also perform other functions. For example, she acts as the deliverer from a stress. Cats like to mark the territory in all possible ways, and one of such is the kogtetochka. The cat will understand that this thing entirely belongs to him thanks to tags from claws and a smell. To accustom a kitten to sharpen claws in one place – a long-term task, but at due persistence from the person the kitten will give up under a pressure and will concede.

of the Game

Despite drowsiness, cats quite active animals. Kittens need many games as during this time they are most active. Playing with a kitten, you come with him into contact which shows mutual trust. Get toys which can be interesting to it. For example, if it is heavy to you to play very much, then it is reasonable to choose an electronic toy with which the animal will be delighted.

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